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Is Vulkan Runtime Libraries a virus? Read the truth!

There are many users who have seen Vulkan Runtime libraries downloaded on their computers without doing it themselves. If you are also one of them then, you should not worry as there is a very common misconception about this program. We are going to try to educate you completely about Vulkan Runtime Libraries and what this program does. 

Vulkan is a graphics API akin to the Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) and Microsoft’s DirectX. Vulkan, on the other hand, was created by its creators to provide faster performance. Gives more balanced use of your computer’s CPU and GPU. It’s designed for today’s high-intensity jobs, which current CPUs are capable of handling.

When OpenGL and DirectX were first introduced, computing hardware did not have the same processing capability as it does today; they were designed for single-core CPUs. On today’s multi-core CPUs, Vulkan is more efficient.

You aren’t having a memory lapse if you don’t recall installing Vulkan. The Vulkan Run Time Libraries were installed with the newest graphics drivers for your visual hardware. Vulkan is currently included in the driver upgrades for both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

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What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries and do you need it?

So, the first step to this process to tell you exactly what is vulkan runtime libraries? Vulkan Runtime libraries is not a virus or malware program as many people have suspected.

It does completely no harm to your computer. There is particularly no need to remove the program from your computer. But if you still do not want any unwanted programs on your computer then you can do the same with just some very simple steps. 

Vulkan Runtime Libraries are APIs or otherwise known as Application programming interfaces that are used for the computer graphics and card drivers. An API helps in setting protocols and tools for building software. Generally speaking this interface works as a form of communication between different components of the software. 

This API is a new graphics application interface that is used by computers for delivering a better and 3D gaming performance when using the computer for the same purpose.

The interface provides better usage of CPU and GPU and distributes the work between different cores of the CPU. 

How can you remove Vulkan Runtime Libraries from your computer?

Even after knowing about this Application programming Interface, if you are still sure to remove or delete the API from your computer just because you do not want it then, you can do it very quickly.  

We are going to tell you how to remove Vulkan runtime libraries and remove it from your computer as it is an unwanted interface. Follow the instructions given below to delete the API from your device.

  1. Open the Windows Search bar and then type “run” in it to look for Vulkan. 
  2. Once, you see all the results given by the Windows Search bar then, choose the run box and enter ‘appwix.cpl’ in it. 
  3. You will be given a list of all the installed applications on your computer. Look for Vulkan Runtime libraries and then click on it. 
  4. Once you right-click, you will see a drop-down menu that will have the “Uninstall” button in it.
  5. Follow the instruction and click on the uninstall button to remove the program. 
  6. This process will help you in removing the API from your computer.

Remember to restart the computer after deleting it so that there are no traces of the API left on your device.

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