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Kidney Stone Prevention: What Does The Best Kidney Stone Specialist In Chandigarh Advise?

National Kidney Foundation reports,

One in ten people worldwide suffers from kidney stones throughout a lifetime.

Recent research by National Kidney Foundation shows that the kidney stone rate is swinging high.

According to the experienced kidney stone specialist in Chandigarh, Chronic Kidney Disease and kidney stones are like silent killers, afflicting millions of people across the globe. Kidney stones are the hard minerals that deposit in the kidney and form the stonelike structures. Patients experience excruciating pain whenever these stonelike crystals pass through their urinary tract.

  • Almost 12% of Americans suffer from kidney stones. (American Urological Association)
  • Once a person gets detected with one kidney stone, 50% chances are there he will have another stone within the next ten years. (American Urological Association)

Kidney stone disease is a matter of concern. The rampancy of kidney stones has doubled over the past few years.

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to prevent kidney stones. But you can bring some changes in your lifestyle and food habits to lower the risk.

The kidney specialist in Chandigarh advises staying stone-free debunking kidney health misconceptions and myths.

What Are they?

Keep reading!

Rule No. 1# Never Let Your Body Be Dehydrated

 Myth: Drink lots of water. It is the golden treatment of kidney stones.

Yes, no doubt hydration is crucial for your kidney health. It is not a treatment, but the golden rule of kidney stone prevention.

When you drink less water, you will urinate less. Low urine output means concentrated urine. The undissolved urine salt will form stones.

  • Try to drink around eight glasses of water or fluids, enough to pass approx. 2 litres of urine a day.
  • You can also have tea and coffee. But, don’t drink too much coffee.
  • Besides water, lemonade and orange juice are brilliant options for fluid intake. Both contain citrate, a dominant component to prevent kidney stone formation.
  • Never underestimate your sweat. Heavy exercises are good, but they may lead to kidney stone formation. Be it the scorching heat or physical activity, make your fluid intake double if you sweat a lot.

Rule No. 2# Prefer Calcium-Rich Foods

 Common myth: Calcium is the enemy of kidneys.

Calcium always tends to get a negative rap!


The name and composition of calcium allow people to get the wrong impression. Calcium oxalate is the most common type of kidney stone. So, people tend to believe that calcium is the culprit of kidney stones.

However, the reality is just the opposite. Low-calcium diet may expose a person to kidney stones and osteoporosis risks.

  • Don’t cut off calcium-rich food from your diet.
  • Pair your diet with low-fat milk, yogurt, egg, low-fat cheese, Etc.
  • Avoid calcium supplements. They will increase the chances of kidney stone formation.
  • Calcium supplement intake is preferable, along with a regular meal plan.

Rule No. 3# Oxalate Is Not The Enemy

 Myth: Cut off oxalate-rich food from the diet.

Oxalate is in many fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and even in tea and chocolate.

So, are you planning to cut off all these foods from your diet because of oxalate?

And you think it can help you reduce the chances of getting kidney stones?

It is not a practical health perspective at all.

The best kidney specialist in Chandigarh advises,

  • Consider consuming oxalate-rich foods at a moderate proportion.
  • In your diet, you may include oxalate-rich foods like peanuts, spinach, sweet potatoes, beetroot, legumes, Etc.
  • Moderate intake of oxalate source foods will help you to lower the chances of developing calcium oxalate kidney stones.
  • Most of the time, kidney stones get formed while oxalate mingles with calcium while the kidneys produce urine.
  • Pair oxalate-rich foods with calcium-rich foods while having a meal. It will help oxalate and calcium bind in the stomach and intestine long before urine formation.

Rule No. 4# Cut off Your Sodium Intake

 As per the kidney specialist in Chandigarh, a high-salt diet hikes the chances of kidney stone formation.

Urology Care Foundation also assesses a similar thing. Salty urine prevents calcium reabsorption from urine to blood. It increases the calcium in urine, paving the path for stone crystal formation.

  • Either eat a low-salt diet or maintain a moderate sodium intake.
  • A low salt diet will keep the calcium level in urine at bay. The lower the calcium level in urine, the lower the risk of kidney stone formation.
  • While shopping for groceries, vegetables, fruits, and meat, always read the labels.
  • Avoid foods like crackers, canned vegetables, baking soda, foods containing sodium nitrate, Etc.

Rule No. 5# Say No To Vitamin C Supplements

Jama International Medicine has reported that vitamin C supplements encourage kidney stone crystal development. 

The report assessed that men taking regular vitamin C supplements are more likely to grow kidney stones faster.

However, vitamin C enriched foods do not involve the same risk.

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Bottom Line

Kidney stones are quite common in the present world. No specific method can guarantee kidney stone prevention. But, these mentioned methods can aid people in reducing kidney stone risk.

Whether you have dealt with kidney stone pain before or are experiencing unbearable kidney stones recently, Chaudhary Hospital is always there for you.

At Chaudhary Hospital, you can consult your kidney health issues with the best kidney specialist in Chandigarh. The experienced urologists will advise you on the diet right for your kidney health only after diagnosing the type of the stone.

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