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Know why PVC marine wall panels are ideal for coating the inner walls and ceiling

Author Bio – Silvia Andrews was looking for marine wall panels. She wanted to change the FRP panels for marinas and install a better alternative. She came across Duramax and ordered high-quality waterproof wall panels made from virgin vinyl. Silvia was highly delighted with their customization, excellence, quality, and professional approach. She highly recommends Duramax.

Located at the harbors, the marine vessels are susceptible to water damage. The inner walls and ceilings of the marine vessels need waterproof wall panels for adequate protection. Keeping the walls bare is unthinkable, and installing FRP panels for marinas will soon lead to heavy damages. In addition, FRP panels are susceptible to molding and rotting. A better replacement for FRP panels would be to install PVC marine wall panels. If you already have FRP wall panels installed, make the switch to PVC. Here are a few reasons why your old marina deserves a makeover with high-end PVC panels.

No wooden backers make PVC the better choice 

Did you know FRP panels for marinas fail due to the attached wooden backers? The wooden backers absorb moisture and start damaging the wallboard over time. In addition, the backers are highly combustible and do not protect from fire. On the other hand, the PVC panels have no wooden backers, making them 100% waterproof and fire-resistant. The wall panels are directly fitted to the studs with a tongue and groove system that interlock the panels with one another. The non-porous PVC panels with no backers are resistant to moisture and ideal for damp interiors.

PVC is easier to install than FRP 

Ideally, it takes 7 hours to install the DIY vinyl panels, whereas the FRP panels require two laborers and 48 hours for the complete installation. Additionally, the FRP panels require wooden backers, mounted rivets, and adhesives for the installation. In contrast, the PVC marine wall panels do not require any extra materials for the installation. The high-end wall panels come in DIY kits and have a user-friendly manual to help in the installation. The vinyl panel installation is a quick, hassle-free job that saves your money, time, and effort. Compared to FRP, the PVC wall material installation helps you make 50% savings on labor and 40% on materials.

PVC is easier to clean than FRP 

The PVC waterproof wall panels are washable and easy to clean. The smooth wall panels don’t stain or allow debris or filth to reside on the surface. The panels have no crevices to hide waste matter and germinate bacterial growth. Cleaning the vinyl panels once in a while with a damp mop and soap is ideal. In contrast, the FRP panels have a rough surface and are susceptible to staining and bacterial contamination. Dirt, debris, and filth easily get latched onto the FRP panels. Cleaning FRP requires professional assistance that gets expensive over time.

PVC is cheaper than FRP 

Did you know the low maintenance PVC panels are cheaper than FRP? Initially, the vinyl panels might seem costly, but they are durable, easy to maintain, and a cost-effective choice in the long run. On the other hand, the FRP might look like a cheaper option, but counting the installation expenditure along with the heavy-duty maintenance makes FRP costlier than PVC.

Wrapping up 

Did you know PVC panels are now more affordable at Duramax? Coming directly from the factory, the high-end wall panels are cost-effective, strong, and last for a lifetime. Get the customized panels shipped within 2 weeks. Book a free consultation. Ask for a no-obligation quote.

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