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Know why you should avoid FRP wall panels and choose PVC wallboard instead

FRP wallboard might be great, but PVC panels are more durable and affordable in the long run. The FRP panels mold, rot, and peel off, while the PVC wallboard never rots, molds, or absorbs water. One must avoid installing FRP wall panels and get the PVC wall material for commercial interiors like dairy farms, food processing units, grow rooms, restaurants, and commercial kitchens.  

The FRP wall panels are a great choice and have served businesses for a long time. The FRP wallboard is strong and made from plastic, but there are some vital drawbacks. First, the FRP panels are not all that great, which has made businesses look for a better alternative and choose PVC wallboard. The vinyl panels are a better replacement for FRP because of numerous reasons. Here are a few points you need to know about vinyl panels that make them the better choice.

PVC installation is faster and easier 

Did you know that you can install PVC panels in just 7 hours or even faster than that? The PVC panels have the fastest installation time compared to the FRP wallboard. The FRP panels need additional materials like wooden backers, mounted rivets, and adhesives. On top of that, the FRP panels require skilled laborers for the installation job. To install FRP panels, you would need two skilled workers and two days to complete the job. However, such is not the case with PVC panels that are fast to install and are a one-man job. Ideally, the PVC panels get installed in 7 to 8 hours, but you can speed up the process by hiring two or more people. PVC panels do not require additional materials or any skilled labor for the installation making things easier and less complex.

PVC panels are easier to clean 

The vinyl panels are easy to maintain because they have a smooth and non-porous surface that doesn’t stain or attract dirt. The PVC panels are resistant to chemicals and are easy to clean with bleaching agents and strong detergents. However, you can still wipe the wall panels with a damp mop to get rid of any stains or debris on the surface. The PVC panels do not have fissures or crevices that harbor food particles or hidden bacteria and debris. On the other hand, the FRP wall panels have a rough surface and wooden backers, making cleaning hassle and difficult. To clean the FRP panels, you would need a soft bristle brush and organic cleaners. However, the FRP panels are not stain-resistant, and it’s difficult to get rid of any marks or blemishes easily.

PVC panels are more durable than FRP 

PVC panels can serve you for 40 to 45 years without needing any repairs, refinishing, or replacements. The high-quality wall panels are extremely strong and durable because they get manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl. The panels have an inner webbed truss technology that offers exceptional resistance and durability. The PVC panels are waterproof and not vulnerable to water vapor making them ideal for wet and moist environments. On the other hand, FRP panels absorb moisture and rot easily. After a few years, the FRP panels start peeling off and delaminating fast. You need to immediately repair or replace the damaged FRP panels, which might lead to unprecedented extra expenditure.

Wrapping up 

Stop installing FRP panels and get the PVC wallboard instead. Duramax PVC panels shipped in just two weeks come at factory-direct prices. Request a free sample now. Get a quote.


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