Know your Deck-The Most Auspicious Cards

Introduction: Why is it important to know your deck?

The most underrated knowledge about Tarot reading is the importance of knowing the cards in a deck. Tarots are widely used for personal, interpersonal and spiritual growth and this is done by reading the tarot cards. Each card bears a different symbol with a specific meaning associated.  With it which helps a person understand himself and his life well. Without knowing the cards well, one can not denote the right meaning and this misunderstanding will disrupt him from getting guidance. While learning the meanings, you can keep your own interpretations in mind. The symbols depend on the deck you are using as different decks have varied numerology, images and colours related to astrology. Nowadays, customized cards are also popular in markets which come with personalized designs. Whatever the edits are, the strongest and most effective cards do not forget their roots and this is why the meanings are important.

The symbolisms: Defining the meanings

There are 78 cards in a deck, each card containing its own meanings. Every single sign is important and not to be ignored, including the numbers. Though numbers are not the main aim while reading, numerology is helpful in understanding certain things: Why do we see a particular pattern in our reading? Or,  why are we seeing a lot of twos or eights? Also, different suits in Tarot symbolize different attributes, for example, the suit of wands deals with creativity. The four suits are connected to four elements, air, water, fire and earth and the meanings vary accordingly. Also, the symbolisms vary in Major and Minor Arcana cards-while Major Arcana deals with the lessons of life, Minor Arcana represents the day to day events and activities.

The Best Cards in a Tarot deck

  1. The most positive cards: The most positive cards in a deck include the Sun, the Lovers, Ten of cups, the Empress, Justice, the Magician and the high priestess. The Sun represents success and teaches the reader to have positivity in order to lead a good life. The lovers card advises you to learn from your mistakes, so that the wounds from the past do not affect your present. It represents balance within oneself. The ten of cups is a good omen for everyone as it comes with family reunion and harmony. You can expect contentment if you pull out ten of cups. The Empress signifies positivity in love life, that is, it points towards a new relationship. The Justice, as the name suggests, indicates a fair decision that will make your life right. The Magician rightly does magic to your life by bringing money and prosperity. The High Priestess denotes you have good intuitive power which will make you mingle with good people in life.
  2. The most money making cards: Everyone needs money and the Tarot cards which bring fortune are the Wheel of Fortune, Ace of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Five of Pentacles and King of Wands. The Wheel is a reminder not to spend recklessly, as you can be at the top of finance with this advice. The Ace of Wands symbolize a new job or business when you are at your lowest. Four of Pentacles teaches stability and not to be greedy. The Five of Pentacles reminds you there is always someone you can reach out to regarding financial problems. Finally, the King of Wands encourages you to work on your money because there is a high chance your finances will expand.


Though the symbolism of a card varies when read upright or reversed. As reversed always points out to negativity, there are always the best cards which bring good luck. Stay assured and focused with Tarot and astrology, be the pilot of your life. Remember, negativity can only be defeated with the right decisions, for which consult a Tarot reader now.  for more visit

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