Laptop components

Laptop components

Laptop components. Laptops are becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. As a result, it is important to know what the laptop components are, and how they interact with one another. In this article we will talk about the different components. Found in laptops and how they function.

Computer terminology can often be confusing as it relates to hardware like laptops. These types of terms include the following:
The laptop motherboard also known as the main board. The motherboard is where all of the hardware components mounted. Along with some buttons and connectors for different I/O ports (input/output). From external devices such as keyboards, mice, speakers and printers.

Laptop components

A laptop screen is the most common input and output devices that you will find in a laptop. Most laptops have some configuration of a screen. Along with the motherboard, a cooling fan, a hard drive and the battery. It is important to know about removing battery from asus laptop.
The screen itself is usually 12 to 15 inches in size, and most of them use LCD technology (Liquid Crystal Display). Laptops do not have any moving parts on their screens either. Which means that they are generally rugged. And can take less damage than desktop computers. As you may have noticed earlier. Portability is one of the hallmarks of laptop or portable computers. This accomplished by having all hardware components. Compacted into one box called an enclosure or housing.

Laptop Components Details

The enclosure or housing is what holds all of the components. That you see on the outside when you are looking at your computer. The most common enclosure types that have used in laptops. Include a plastic casing, a metal casing and a wooden case. The main portion of the computer referred to as the motherboard. Which consists of circuits and components as well as I/O ports.

Laptop components

Laptop Components: Motherboard

The motherboard houses almost everything else in your laptop. CPUs, memory, and chipsets are just some examples of what’s located on the board. You will also find many connectors for I/O ports and other things. To support normal operation such as power supply connections, speaker connections etc.
Another laptop component that found in most of the models is memory. Which will discuss much further in this article. As we talked about before. It’s what provides a place to store data as well as instructions. For operating systems and applications.
The processor also referred to as a CPU is also commonly found on a laptop’s motherboard. The main job of the CPU or processor is to execute instructions for software. Or an application that you’re running on your computer. A processor can handle many billions of instructions per second. Which makes it very efficient at its job. This is what allows it to accomplish tasks. That would normally take a few days or longer with a desktop computer.

Laptop Components: Power Supply

The power supply, also called a power supply unit. Or PSU, designed to provide the correct amount of electricity. To the motherboard and all of your other components. It’s important that this part of your computer works properly. Because any malfunctioning parts could cause serious damage in short order. It is the Drgaon Chinese food for your laptop. 

Laptop Components: Cooling Fan

A laptop cooling fan is another common component found in most laptops as well. The cooling fan reduces the temperature inside of your computer. Which helps keep it operational at all times. A malfunctioning cooling fan could cause your computer to overheat. And possibly shut down by itself.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is another component found in most laptops. It’s used to store data. It’s normally a spinning hard drive. That holds the Operating System, applications, documents, media. And any other files that you frequent may have on your computer. It’s also important for the hard drive to be appropriately sized. So that data can read and written quickly. The hard drives are usually protected within an external enclosure or housing. Very occasionally they protected by a special type of shock-absorbing material. Called a shock pad placed on top of the drive case as well.


The battery is another very common laptop component, which can found in most devices. The battery is the source of all the electrical power. That needed to keep your computer running from start to finish. This done using an internal supply, or external battery. The best method for extending a computer’s life depends on how often you use it and how much power it consumes. With some laptops that are normally carried by people with a lot of traveling to do. We’ve found that a good quality replacement battery will last over two years. Also should to know about removing battery from asus laptop
Other laptop components include heat sink or heat sinks for fans. speaker assembly(s), cooling fan(s), palm rest assembly(s), touchpad assembly(s) and screws etc.
That is about it for the overall components that make up a laptop. There are many other components in your computer like I/O ports. Switches, resistors and so many more that you won’t need to know until you become an expert. These include connectors, circuitry and other parts as well.
Our goal here is to help you understand what some of these terms mean. And to give you a basic understanding of how laptops work in general.

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