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What is Unclaimed Money in South Carolina?

In accordance with statute, Unclaimed Money in South Carolina is defined to be “any money or other property that has been abandoned or unclaimed by its rightful owner for a period of at least one year.” This covers. However, it isn’t limited to items like uncashed paychecks and bank accounts that have been forgotten or utility deposits, as well as the contents in the safe deposit box.

The South Carolina Unclaimed Property Act provides the guidelines for the way in which unclaimed funds need to report and handed to the government. In the statute, companies must try to reach the proprietor of a property prior to handing it over to the hands of the State. If the owner isn’t located or doesn’t declare the land within a specific time frame, the company must transfer the money that is not claimed over to the State.

The South Carolina Treasurer’s Office is charged with conserving and storing the unclaimed funds that are handed into the State. They have a public database of unclaimed property and can be accessed by anyone who suspects they have money that is not due to them.

Escheatment is the term used to describe the procedure through which money that is not claimed is transferred into the State. For South Carolina, the escheatment procedure is governed under statute 37-13-60. This law outlines the process by which companies must submit information and return properties that are not claimed to the government, as well as the way in which the State has to keep track of any unclaimed funds.

How to Find Unclaimed Money in South Carolina

People who are interested can locate South Carolina unclaimed money by going to the official site of the South Carolina State Treasurer. The site includes the Searchable Database that allows users to enter either their own name or the name of a company to find out if any unclaimed funds are owed to them; when there’s an agreement, the users will be advised on how to claim their şirinevler escort money.

Customers can also contact the Office of Unclaimed Property at (803) 773-4771 to inquire about any money unclaimed that could be owed to them. Office hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm at 5:00 pm EST.

Additionally in addition, in addition, the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office annually releases a report listing every business and individual who is owed money for unclaimed property. The report is accessible on the internet as well as in printed form. Copies of the report can be obtained by contacting the office or by stopping in the office in person at:

Wade Hampton Building,1200 Senate Street – Suite 214,

Columbia, SC 29201, United States

How Do I Find South Carolina Unclaimed Money for Free?

The South Carolina Unclaimed Money Database is accessible for free. The claimants only need to supply the necessary information to answer their query and include their business or last name, first name, and the location (where the property owner is or was a resident). In addition, South Carolina state residents are also able to access money that is not claimed through government agencies and databases, including:

  • HUD/FHA Mortgage Insurance Refunds
  • Bankruptcy Courts (South Carolina)
  • The National Association of Unclaimed Money Administrators

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in South Carolina

After finding an unclaimed property in the database of South Carolina Unclaimed Database of Property, those who request could make a claim through the offices of the treasurer of the State. In order to do this, the claimant must provide their relationship to the property owner (that is the case if they aren’t the owner directly of the property that is unclaimed). The claimant will also have to furnish their personal information, including their SSN/Tax ID, as well as the address they are currently at. They will also have to submit supporting documents, including their photo ID or proof of address, as well as evidence of their SSN.

The supporting documents can be uploaded through the safe link or be sent by post to:

  • South Carolina State Treasurer
  • Unclaimed Property Program
  • 1200 Senate Street, Suite 214
  • Wade Hampton Building
  • Columbia, SC 29201

How Long Does It Take to Get Unclaimed Money in South Carolina?

The time frame that it will take to get the unclaimed funds to be received in South Carolina depends on the kind of property being claimed and how it is claimed. In the majority of cases, people who file claims get their property within six to eight weeks after filing an application. However, certain claims might be more difficult to resolve when they are more complex. The type of property filed may affect the time it takes to receive a check.

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Who Can Claim Unclaimed Money From Deceased Relatives in South Carolina?

The following people are able to claim property that is not claimed:

  • The executor, heir or another representative of the rightful owner or
  • A person who has an order from a court or writ allowing the claimant to the property for the legal owner.

To claim property that is not claimed, the person claiming it must present an unnotarized claim form as well as supporting documents in the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office. The documentation required is different based on the kind of property that is being claimed and may include an official death certificate (since claims are made on behalf of the deceased owner) and a copy of the court order allowing the claimant to take action for the rightful owner, and other similar documents.

After the claim form and the supporting documents have been received and verified, after receiving the claim form and supporting documentation, South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office will examine your claim and, if accepted and if necessary, will issue a check for the amount of the property not claimed to the person who filed the claim. Claimants typically have approximately 4-6 weeks for processing.

What Happens to South Carolina Unclaimed Money if No One Claims It?

In accordance with state law, unclaimed funds have to be handed over to the South Carolina Treasurer’s Office after the dormancy period has expired. The money is then put as trust funds for its correct owner or the heir.

There is no time limit for claiming property that has not been claimed or money; therefore, even if it’s several times since the house was disposed of, claimants could still be entitled to claim it.

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