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Learn How to Draw Fashion Figure Template For Beginners

Step by step, I’ll teach you what to draw in the fundamental standing figure to draw your sketch of fashion. This is one of the many ways to draw fashion-related figures and croquis in a matter of minutes regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or an aspiring fashion school student or an experienced designer.

It was the first tutorial on drawing fashion figure template that I uploaded to YouTube which was one of the most-watched videos. In the past, I was using compasses and a ruler to create the figure however, you do not require any measuring equipment to learn to draw like a fashion stylist.

Line of Balance as well as the body’s height

The first thing I do is by drawing a scale of nine heads and then putting a vertical line, the lines of balance. This line serves as your reference to keep the figure on the right track.

Then, I draw an ellipse of the head of the figure within unit 1. The shoulder width is two heads, so I draw the widest part of the shoulders by drawing two more vertical lines. The final thing I include is the secondary lines that are usually 1/3 of each unit. I’d recommend not labeling the marks until you’ve learned the ratios by your heart.

  • 1 Mark: chin
  • 1 1/3 Mark shoulders
  • 2 Mark armpits, and upper part of the bust
  • 2 1/3 Mark Bottom of the bust
  • 3 Mark the waist and elbows
  • 4 Mark: “middle point”
  • 4 1/3 Mark: crotch
  • 6 1/3 Mark: knees
  • 6 1/2 Mark the bottom of the knees/ the height of the chair
  • 8 2/3 Mark: ankles
  • 9 Mark: feet

Make the body

When the units are in order, I move on to the body. To determine the position that the shoulders join I draw a line starting from mark 0, and extending about 30 degrees from an imaginary line that is the balance line. I continue the line to cross the mark 11/3.

At 3 marks I indicate that the waist’s width is one unit of the head. then, I draw an angle of 4 1/3 to indicate the pelvis or crotch.

All you have to do to do to strengthen your torso is connect the shoulder joints with the waist, and crotch.

An abstract triangular design is a representation of the shape. Then I will complete the figure by following the shape when I add muscles.

Thighs and hips

The pelvis, crotch, or hip line is the principal division line. If you’re an blank fashion design templates artist or costume designer who is looking for the natural form of your body, utilize an eight-unit scale. In this instance, the body’s length from the pelvis towards the top of your skull is equal to how long the legs are with feet on flats.

If you’re an illustrator or designer, you’ll need to extend the legs from the crotch downwards to make a nine-headed figure. In this scenario, you should draw the joints of the legs at the 6 1/3 mark.

Then I draw the curve starting at the waist and working towards the side to create both the thigh and hip until I reach an ankle at 61/2. Repetition the same process to the opposite end of the line of balance the hips ‘ width should be approximately 11/2 head.

Calfs and Feet

The leg’s width is around 1 head.

To draw your calves begin with the knees, marking 61/3. Draw an upwards-facing curve until you are at the ankles on mark 82/3.

The remainder part of this unit will be designed for the flat feet. When the wearer is sporting heels, then add another portion of the unit to accommodate heels.

Arms and Hands

To build the arms you must connect the shoulder joints with elbows at waist level and wrists at top of the crotch.

The hands move from the crotch until mark 5. This is the last side view of the style croquis.

Its outline in the reverse view of the image appears identical, but with a few variations in the structure of the muscles.

Basic Standing Figure

In the end, there are some guidelines that you should follow so that the figure is balanced and in proportions. This is the sketch at a glance.


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