Let’s know about Speedtronic Turbine Control System

General electric introduced the Speedtronics when they launched their well-equipped product, a gas and steam turbine system. However, later on, the manufacturers made many improvements to the products under this trademark. The speedtronic series, which was Mark I and Mark II, people use these series in various places worldwide.

Moreover, the control system from general electric made its mark starting from Mark I and now on Mark Vie. All the speedtronics of the Mark series are a success in the history till now. It is a load-depending speed control of the turbines and ring winch in all the beet harvesters of the REXOR-series. However, depending on the respective digging conditions, you can adjust the speed automatically.

Also, the machine reacts to the degree of its utilization, measured continuously. It leads to the improved crop protection, higher output, and decreased control efforts for the driver. You can set up the devices to automatically control the gas system to alarm when there is one failure. Additionally, it automatically shuts down if two or more failures happen.

Therefore, apart from the failure, and most minor type of problem is also alarming to the speedtronic manufacturers. Moreover, they design the speedtronics to measure the speed of the place they install it. Also, they report it to the system controllers for the perfect analysis of how the electric turbine works.

Benefits of speedtronics:

You can adjust the load-dependent speed control of the cleaning turbine automatically to the digging conditions. However, when there is an increased load on the first cleaning turbine, the cleaning turbine’s speed is automatically and temporarily accelerated.

Moreover, it increases the cleaning intensity, reduces the machine’s blockage risk, improves “automatic” crop protection and higher output, and reduces operator input required.

Can one Drive With Bad Cruise Control And Speedtronic?

If you drive with the cruise control and the speedtronics engaged, a slight problem with either is annoying. Yes, your car will move if the cause of the defective cruise control warning cannot stop.

There are many reasons behind the cruise control failure, some severe and others minor. If the problem cause is not serious enough to make the engine inoperative, the car can drive.

However, the experts advise you not to engage the cruise control if it has problems. Hence, a situation where the cruise control fails in the fast lane is disastrous for the driver and other road users.

Can you fix Cruise Control And Speedtronic?

Yes, before driving your car to the repair shop, you can follow a short procedure to fix the problem. The following are some of steps you have to take immediately:

  • Stop and park your car in a safe area
  • Shut its engine off
  • Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Restart your engine and check to see if the cruise control and speedtronics are back on track
  • Check if you have the blown a fuse; you can replace it.

If the problem perseveres, then further troubleshooting and scanning are essential. However, call your mechanic or drive your car to a repair shop.

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