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Lighting A Modern Bedroom

Lighting A Modern Bedroom

Of all the other rooms in your home, your bedroom is possibly the only space you spend the most time in when completely dark, bright, or somewhere in between. Therefore, getting your bedroom light design just right is essential to creating a comfortable space to rest your head at night. Buy decorative night lamps online and lighten up your modern bedroom with this basic guide. 

We have compiled this guide to let you know how to lighten up a bedroom the best way. 

Layering your bedroom light

Understanding how to layer your bedroom lighting is the key to developing the best lighting for your bedroom. This indicates finding the perfect balance between task, accent, and ambient lighting. By achieving this balance, you can create the lighting for any mode with a flick of a switch. 

Task Lighting

If you do activities that demand a bit more focus like working, reading, or applying makeup, make sure to consider layering on top of your usual lighting with task lights. Focused task lighting does not need to be confined to the usual desk task light. You can buy decorative night lamps online, wall-mounted task lights on both sides of the headboard, bedside table lamps, low hanging pendants on both sides of the bed, sconces, and more. 

Your bedroom task light in this sense can essentially be of any form as long as it comes with ample lighting required for sustained concentration. Other than its location and design, the functionality of a task light also remains within the bulb itself. 

Ambient lighting

From specific to general, you will want to layer the types of lighting based on what you want to do in your bedroom on a daily basis. For beginners, start building your lighting foundation by adding ambient lights or general lights. Proper ambient light incorporates natural lighting through skylights or large windows. 

It allows you to perform general tasks like folding clothes, making the bed, or cleaning. When it comes to artificial lighting, buy decorative night lamps online, flush mount ceiling lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, or floor lamps. These lighting types will offer sufficient lighting you need for activities that do not require focused or bright light. 

Accent lighting

This is typically meant to highlight features and draw attention to specific items in a given space. For your bedroom, accent lighting acts as a subdued version of ambient lighting, providing a pleasant glow and developing a cozy atmosphere. Using recessed lighting in your bedroom is one of those ways to add this feature to your bedroom light’s design. 

While you layer your bedroom lighting, it is also essential to consider the kind of bulb you are going to use for every fixture. Based on the lighting intensity of the bulb and the color it provides, it comes with the potential to negatively or positively affect the way you work during and after a provided activity. But before you look for any old bulb, make sure to find out the preferred brightness level. 

After settling on the maximum brightness output of a bulb, you also need to consider if the bulb you want is dimmable. Compact fluorescent lamps are difficult to control when it comes to a standard dimmer, similar to some low voltage LED lights. In this case, new will need special night bulbs and emails for a buzz-free and smooth control experience. Keep in mind that the color of the light also plays an essential role in supporting particular activities. So, buy decorative night lamps online and choose yours best for bedroom activities. 






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