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Marvis Toothpaste Has Redefined The Concept Of Dental Hygiene

Marvis Toothpaste Will Add A Zing To Your Life

Marvis provides a distinctive range of toothpaste that cleans your teeth thoroughly and help you to maintain good oral health, taste great. When you get up from bed every morning, you’ll love to brush your teeth with one of the exciting, flavourful Marvis toothpaste. Marvis evolved in Florence, Italy, and is a premium dental brand, accepted worldwide for generations. Marvis has changed the concept of toothpaste. The toothpaste is developed using a longstanding and precise traditional method. Marvis brings unique and best flavours from around the world to transform your everyday routine of brushing your teeth into an everyday joy of discovery and taste.

Marvis toothpaste premium collection boosts seven different flavours, and each one has a refreshing taste:

  1. Marvis Cinnamon Mint offers a zippy heat against a tender mint taste.
  2. Marvis Classic Strong Mint offers a simple and consuming peppermint flavour.
  3. Marvis Aquatic Mint blends the taste of fresh mint and clear water. 
  4. Marvis Jasmin Mint provides a dash of floral notes that kindle the senses.
  5. Marvis Amarelli Liquorice blends a burst of mint with one of the best-loved flavours in the world.
  6. Marvis Ginger Mint produces a beautiful contrast between fresh and exotic flavours.
  7. Marvis Whitening Mint is perfect for shiny teeth with a sharp minty sparkle.

Marvis toothpaste’s distinctive and contemporary flavours create a taste sensation while helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums and a shiny smile. The Florentine toothpaste has earned cult status and recreated the perception of toothpaste, rendering it a fresh and delightfully refreshing concept.

Impressive Smile

Marvis toothpaste adds a spirited and distinctive vibe to your daily brushing routine. Marvis toothpaste effectively removes plaque, gives you fresh breath, and protects your teeth. Each toothpaste flavour packs a punch with energising tastes and experiences to explore. You will explore a refreshing tingle when you brush and give out a smile that will impress. They are mainly developed to provide everything conventional toothpaste delivers but with a different personality. Furthermore, Marvis provides traditional-styled toothbrushes for daily and travel use.

Limited Edition Flavours

Interestingly, Marvis toothpaste has formulated a unique range of Limited Edition flavours, including Ramblas, Royal and Karakum, offering you an exceptional taste of the world’s wonders.


Marvis tubes of toothpaste are available in delightful flavours and packaging and never compromise on hygiene. 

Fluoride Toothpaste

Marvis provides exceptional quality fluoride toothpaste that helps eliminate plaque and preserve clean and white teeth.


Though established in the 1950s in Italy, Marvis could make its presence felt only in the 1970s. They proudly display their heritage using bold lettering and simple colours on their packaging. The plastic tubes have an elegant matte finish, offering them the look of aluminium. The lids are colourful and feature an engraving of the traditional Marvis logo, producing a fascinating vintage effect. A clean design, bold lettering and flavour-dependant colours produce attractive toothpaste packaging, which explains why it’s well-liked among male fashion circles.

About Marvis Brand: Marvis is a well-known brand with a reputation for offering world-class dental care products such as Marvis toothpaste, Marvis mouthwash and Marvis toothbrushes and remains under the same ownership as Proraso, which provide world-class shaving products.

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