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Click2clinic is a home-based health care provider working beyond limits to deliver the services necessary for the needy like medical equipment for sale. We understand the pain & effort that the patient goes into with injuries, diseases, or other health issues so we provide multiple healthcare providers at different stages of recovery – We launched a truly complete 360degree ‘ONE-STOP SHOP’ for all healthcare & medical needs to make ourselves your Health Partners.

Medical equipment we specialize:

We have been delivering our customers and patients with all the necessary home healthcare equipment like an oxygen concentrator for sale, oxygen cylinder, pulse oximeter, bed for patients at home, BiPAP machine, suction machine, hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen concentrator for rent, oxygen cylinder for rent, patient bed for rent, BiPAP machine for rent, suction machine for rent, wheelchair for rent, multiparameter monitor 5 para for rent, infusion pump or syringe pump on rent, a ventilator for rent, vital monitor for rent delivers a range of all medical equipment and services at your doorstep.

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When you find your loved ones suffering from different health conditions, watching them struggle performing their daily activities feels miserable. You might be wishing to help them but you might be running out of schedule. At this point of helplessness, we actually help them. Our Caregivers are trained professionals specialized in home care services helping in daily activities and maintaining personal hygine.

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Adopting different Strategies:

Adopt different strategies with us revolving centrally around health of your employees & create your own packages that suit your organisation’s health goals. We provide employee centric health care model with over 30 + packages & fitness formats offering wide range of services with utmost customization.

We provide technology centric health care model with accurate, robust and actionable insights to provide pro-active solutions. Our unique platform enables your organization to move forward focusing on right parameters in terms of the health-care interventions.

  • Setting up Occupational Health centers (e-Health lounges) for continued medical support.
  • Annual Health Surveillance with complete care management in a holistic way.
  • Health & Safety support implementing best practices.
  • Wellness packages in wide range of formats to suit the health needs of companies and many more.

How Click2clinic Helps Families:

Home health care is a perfect choice for such families. They provide support to families and share caregiving responsibilities to avoid caregiver burnout.

Home health care professionals available 24×7

At these times home health care gives you peace of mind. They provide trained and qualified professionals to assess safety risks. They even make a few simple corrections at home, like placing a rug on a slippery floor, to recommendations for ambulatory assistance.

Medical management

It’s confusing to manage a patient or an adult with multiple prescriptions. Health care professionals monitor and manage to ensure that the correct medication is taken at the correct time to prevent and control health conditions.

Affordability – Similar to hospital care

Health home care services are comparably affordable and deliver better results to hospital care. It builds trust and ensures to fulfill individual needs and improve their health conditions. If you are old and leaving alone, make your life easy and comfortable click2clinic.

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