Mind-numbing qualities of your Rockspace local WiFi extender 

With the excellent throughput and long-range at 5 GHz band, the Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender has appeared as a boon for rapid WIFI lovers or gamers. It has many features that can steal your heart instantly, like full VPN capability, antique design, QoS, etc. It is a dual-band 80211ac Extender with a trapezoid design and flared edges.

The enhanced Quality-of-Services shortens the buffering time to stream any video. Your Re.rockspace.local Extender not only delivers the date rate but range, too. It can also flash with open-source firmware. It supports 600 Mbps at the 2.4 GHz band and 1300 Mbps at the 5 GHz. Hook the external antennas with the back panel of your Rockspace wifi extender setup device. The Extender also contains 128 MB flash memory along with 256 MB RAM.

Why is my Rock space Wi-Fi extender setup default password not working?

When the default login password of your Rockspace local does not work, use the configured one. The configured password is that you create after the first login to your Extender. If you do not remember the configured password, reset the Extender to its factory default settings.

A factory reset requires a small paperclip, a pen, or a toothpick end to push and hold the small tiny restore factory settings button, which is available at the bottom of your Extender. You can implement the process successfully if the range extender is on. The power LED light of your Extender should be solid white or blue, depending upon the model number of your Extender.

Reset your Rock space wifi extender setup device:

When the Extender is powered, you need to press the Restore Factory Settings for 15 to 20 seconds. And then, release the button. Your Rockspace local range extender will restart when you release the button after 15 to 20 seconds. After the LED lights of the Extender turn solid white or green, your Extender has reset to its factory default configuration with the default password and username.

Reset the IP address after a factory default setting

When you reset the Extender to its factory default configuration, the IP address of your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender will also reset. Try Re.rockspace.local or, two web addresses that only work, assuming both the web addresses do at all, on your local network.

If the above steps do not work, find the default gateway IP address to ascertain the default gateway on your Rockspace local range extender network. It is also known as the IP address for the Extender.

Know the default password of your Rockspace wifi extender 

What is my Re.rockspace.local login password? It is a common and popular question asked by most WIFI users. Thousands of emails and queries that we receive are all about the default or common SSID and password of the Wi-Fi devices.

  1. Without any doubt, the most common default password is Admin.
  2. If the user cannot find her Extender default login password, switch to the http://ap.setup web page to contact our tech experts to get all related information in detail.
  3. If the paraphrase [Admin] is not working, try the phrase Password to log in to the web-based interface of your range extender. It is little surprise that these WIFI devices come with such simple passwords, but manufacturers assume that users will change them once configured and installed into their house.
  4. While it often matters one way or the other, some manufacturers of the WIFI Extenders require that the SSID field should be left blank when logging in with the default login password.
  5. Most of the companies use admin as their default username.

The other way to find your Extender default password is to check the label on the Extender, user manual booklet, or log in to the http://ap.setup page. If you have not customized the username and password of your Extender, then the default username will be admin. And the password will be the password.

Change your Rockspace WiFi extender Admin password.

Changing the password of your Extender should be your priority after you configure and install the Extender. The Rockspace ap.setup allows you to download at high speed and uninterrupted gaming. Change the admin password to secure such a brilliant Extender. Changing the password does not require any hard and fast rules. You have to follow the simple setup and login process to your Extender.

Re.rockspace.local Password change steps

  1. Open a web browser using your computer or mobile gadget that you have connected to your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender’s network.
  2. In the Addy of your web browser, you should type Re.rockspace.local. And then, press the Enter key.
  3. The Extender login page will prompt you to enter the login username and password to get through this login screen.

(Note: The Re.rockspace.local default username is admin and the default password is password)

The basic Homepage of your Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender will appear on the screen. Land into the home page and locate ADVANCED settings, then select it. Now, select the administration key. And then, select the option to Set Password. Now the UPCOMING process is to enter the old password of your Extender in the password field. You have to type your new and created password again to reconfirm the new one. Before you proceed further, enable the Password recovery option to recover your password in the future, in case you forget it. In the end, tap on the Apply or Save button to save your settings.


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