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Miro Vs Dojoit, The stylish online whiteboard tool.

The best online whiteboard tool among Miro Vs Dojoit, Let’s look at the comparisons between Miro Vs Dojoit – battle of web whiteboard.

Let’s talk about Miro:

Important features of Miro

Miro is a rich app. Here you can zoom in and zoom out an enormous canvas. It has many pre-made templates, text tools, notes attached, shapes, excellent connecting lines, too, of course, some writing tools. You can share with others the same board. They will usually need their Miro account to set it up. Students, on the other hand, can access and edit the shared board without creating an account using their free education account. When items are finally deleted, there is a board history. So you can fluently restore former performances of the board. Miro also has a version of the app, which is the benefit of Miro.

Miro Cost – Price.

Miro Expenses: Normally, a free account limits you to three boards. There is a teacher program where you can get unlimited commissions. Although the service is free, you must apply and use your school email address.

Let’s talk about Dojoit.

Essential features of Dojoit.

Dojoit.Com – The fastest white online educational board

It is a quick online whiteboard tool that works out there. You will love Dojoit, I guarantee you!

Critical features of Dojoit.

You need to produce a board from the dashboard. After that, you can add a participant to your board. The contributor or viewer role can be assigned to any participant. You can also send a different board URL to anyone and ask them to access the images.

Dojoit Cost – Price.

White Belt


✔︎ 3 Boards

✔︎ 3 Contributors

✔︎ 3 File Renders / Day

✔︎ Medium-Quality Images

✔︎ 3 File Uploads / Board

Black Belt


✔︎ Unlimited Boards

✔︎ Unlimited Contributors

✔︎ Unlimited File Renders

✔︎ High-Quality Images

✔︎ Unlimited File Uploads

Dojo Enterprise

Let’s Discuss

Everything from Black Belt +

✔︎ Team Management

✔︎ Advanced User Management

✔︎ Organization Policy

✔︎ Advanced Security Policy

✔︎ SSO

✔︎ Dedicated Support

How easy that is!

It is elementary to use Dojoit. Let’s look at a simple mind map and illustrations made by fans on different topics.

To begin typing, simply move the mouse cursor anywhere on the board. In the tool panel, you can draw some shapes. Select any form and mark it very quickly using the default shape. Start by choosing a pen tool, then pull the default shape to create beautiful lines and shapes with a hand-painted natural style. You will never need to charge devices using the default setting. Quickly type and draw together without conflict. You can add photos to the board quickly. An image or PDF / PPT file can be dragged and dropped or pasted. Once the image is in place, you can move and resize it as necessary.

What if you want to make duplicates on the board? Dojoit.com did that very quickly, very easily. Select one or more items and click the arrow next to copy next to the arrow.

Dojoit provides add-ons that help you chat faster. Examples include Thumbnails, Stickers, Wireframe, Things, Templates. Drag the icon to quickly match the view. To show your support for your team, put a sticker on the board. You can move left, right, up, and down to make more room for yourself on this infinite canvas.

You can add a sticky note. Open the tool palette and select the sticky note icon… Click to place anywhere on the board.

You can lock anything on the board to make sure you do not accidentally remove it or remove it. To close an item, click the lock icon on the left side of the thing.

Begin by dragging the file to the board. Then, on the right, click the gear icon, and finally, click to render all pages. The contents of the document will be displayed onboard. This is true for common file formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF.

If you wish to share your board summary without going to the currently available online whiteboard, Dojoit, use the publishing feature.

It’s a simple way to create a simple webpage or phone UI App for anything. The stylish part is that no law is needed to get started withDojoit.com, a white online board software available there.

Discover how simple it is to photograph ideas, discuss them in real-time with others, and publish your work for all to see.

Dojoit is my new friend. I am Konika Islam, a digital marketeer from Semicolon IT Solutions. I haven’t used any of the other white digital boards accessible online since I started using it. Dojoit.com is a Simple online whiteboard, The fastest online whiteboard app, The best white online education board.

Dojoit, in comparison to the others, has a relatively low amount of learning curves. Even if you are not a professional, and students of all grades can use it effectively in a single day of study, you will likely fall in love with its simplicity. The tech world has been waiting for such a tool for a long time now. It is not impossible. Try it for yourself.

Dojoit – Love it to Live it.

The most accurate comparison between the Best Online Whiteboard tools available. Last but not least, Online whiteboard for education – Dojoit, White Online Easy-to-Learn Online Board. The above is nicely explained. Hopefully, I was able to understand the difference between the two. Thank you so much for reading till the end &  carefully.

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