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Network License: Eligibility And Documents Required

A network license is the telecommunication requirement to do business with or import certain nuanced telecommunication equipment. If the term sounds too complicated to you, it is because this license is so niche that even the DOT hasn’t paid attention to it. However, we understand that the rising telecommunication sector of India will find the need for this certificate. Thus, we are presenting you with the eligibility criteria and the documents required for a DOT license.

Among all the industries

it is India’s telecommunication sector that’s turning its head. Not only has the government allowed 100% FDI in this domain, but they also saw fit to change the definition of Adjusted gross revenue because of the popularity of this sector.

That’s why telecom licenses that no one was paying attention to before, like the network license, are not gaining the attention of the people.

However, its popularity has done nothing to make the DOT realize the importance of giving simple to understand notifications to those who seek it. Read More: Section 8 Company Registration

Thankfully, we are here to pick up the tab. In this article, you will know about the documents required and eligibility criteria you need to meet to obtain a Network license in India.

Eligibility Criteria for the Network License

To obtain this license, the applicant has to meet the following eligibility requirements:

Start a company beforehand

Only a company is considere suitable to get the network license. There are many reasons behind it, and the organizational factor is one of them. Therefore, before you apply for the license, it is require that you have a company whose objective is to provide the service associate with that license.

Meet the net worth criteria

Every telecommunication license has net worth criteria associated with it. Network license, being a niche business certificate, requires that you adhere to them. Thus, make sure that you have enough capital to run your business.

Have the technical infrastructure to support your business

To get the network license is to start a business to provide a service that entails a lot of technical nuances. Therefore, you have to provide a list of equipment that you have to support your business.

Have no criminal background

The department of telecommunication is especially wary of those individuals who have a case against them in the Department of Enforcement. Therefore, if you are starting this business, make sure that you have a clean background. Read More: Insurance Marketing Firm

Test the product beforehand

 The network licenses are issue for operating or importing a product. Thus, make sure that you have done all the tests on the device before applying for the license.

Documents you need for the network license

Following are the documents require to get the license from the Department of Telecommunication:

  1. Certificate of incorporation of the company
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. ID proof of the directors and shareholders
  5. Shareholding pattern of the company
  6. Technical infrastructure details of the company
  7. Net worth certificate (audited)
  8. The balance sheet of the company’s financials
  9. A declaration that you and your directors have not had any pending cases in any law enforcement agency.


Now that you know about the requirements to obtain the Network license, are you ready to get it?

In case you’re make up your mind, contact us.

When you think about network licenses, you think about business permit that will let you import or use telecom equipments. Read this article for details.


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