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Non-Network Licenses: Eligibility and Documents Required

Non-network licenses are telecom business permits issued by the DOT to importers, operators and manufacturers of non-networked telecom devices. It is a niche business permit whose relevance has grown because of the constantly evolving telecommunication sector. In this article, we are going to take a look at the documents you need to obtain this business license in India. 

The Department of telecommunication issues a bunch of business permits. Some of them are readily understandable, some are far from the reach of commoners, and some need special attention from the experts.

The Non-Network licenses fall between the second and third categories. These business registrations are the ones who either importer, manufacture or operate on non-networked devices.  Read More: Company Registration

To talk about what those devices are is a rabbit hole you do not want to jump into. Instead, let us keep it simple.

Let us merely explain to you the eligibility criteria and the documents for the license:

What is the Eligibility Criteria of the Non-Network License?

Following is the eligibility criteria the applicants have to adhere to to obtain the license from DOT:

  1. The applicant must be an incorporated business entity: DOT is apprehensive about anyone getting any type of business license. However, in most cases, it doesn’t shy away from putting its trust in companies. Therefore, if you seek a non-network license, first register a company. Firstly, it will help you establish a rep in front of the Telecommunication Department. And secondly, your business can stay active for a long time.
  2. The applicant must have the technical expertise to deal with non-networked devices: Non-networked devices are niche telecommunication products. To operate on them, one needs ample expertise and experience. Therefore the DOT only trusts existing players in the field to engage with such telecom devices.

The document that you submit must inform the Department of Telecommunication that you can provide the services that you want the license for.

Documents do you need to obtain the Non-Network License?

Here is the list of documents you need to acquire the Non-Network License. They are as follows:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation: The very first document that the applicant must provide is the certificate of incorporation. This document proves that you are indeed a registered business entity and ergo worthy of the attention of the Department of Telecommunication.
  2. Memorandum of Association: Non-network licenses are of varying types. And thus, you must explain the types of services you intend to provide. A memorandum of association does just that – providing info about the nature of your business in a stable format.
  3. Equipment Specification: Provide the complete information about the equipment for which you seek the license. Without that information, DOT won’t know the basis of issuing you the business certificate.
  4. Test report of the product: Every wireless telecom product works on a certain RF. You must, therefore, present an RF testing report showing that the equipment you are trying to import is within the regulatory measures.
  5. Duly filled application form: Most non-network licenses still require an offline approach. Thus, another document that you need is a duly filled application form.  Read More: Pvt Ltd Company Registration


As far as documents go, there is not much you need to provide other than what we have presented here. Non-network licenses are niche. And thus, unless the telecom equipment you are importing or manufacturing is a niche, chances are you won’t need this certificate.

If you are still curious about this license and want to know more, call Registrationwala. Our experts are more than willing to impart what they know about the non-network certification.

 Do you want to import, manufacture or operate non-network telecom products? If so, you need the Non Network license. Check out this article to learn more about it.


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