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NueMD – What You Need To Know in 2022

AdvancedMD’s NueMD Electronic Medical Records system (EMR) is a Cloud-based solution for clinical healthcare providers. The program, which is approved for Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2, is simple to use and can be viewed on Windows, Mac, and phones. It offers medical billing solutions as well as EMR and PM management solutions. The Electronic Health Records software (EHR) from NueMD ensures a smooth clinical workflow. Lab interfacing, e-prescribing, and secure communications are all supported. It also has a patient portal where patients and doctors may communicate and share information.

A specialty-specific EMR system is also supported by NueMD EHR software. Allergy & Immunology, Mentalhealth, Family Medicine, Hematology, Neurosurgery,  Gynaecology, Podiatry, and Rheumatology are among the areas of expertise supported by NueMD EMR Software. Specialty-specific templates and processing make charting accurate and effective during consultations. Client registration, reimbursement administration, client statement and collecting, evaluation and reporting, and claim processing are all included in NueMD PM system to make a healthcare practice’s operational operation as effective as its clinical setting.

How Exactly does NueMD help Physicians Streamline their Workflow?

NueMD EHR, a SaaS platform with a variety of features like e-labs, PCM, and e-prescription, is ideal for all of your medical needs, regardless of the practice size. NueMD offers a client base of over 14500 customers in the United States and is a choice of roughly 330 medical billing organizations.

They provide clinical, medical billing, and practice management software that aids in the processing of claims and ensures total visibility. Furthermore, NueMD’s clearinghouse, which handles around 3.5 million claims payments each year, is the company’s main product. The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software from NueMD allows for a more efficient clinical workflow.

Benefits of NueMD


The NueMD EHR system is completely customizable. Subscribers may pick and choose which capabilities to include in their bundle, ensuring that they only pay for what they need. They can save money because they aren’t paying for components that aren’t appropriate for their processes.

User-friendly system

The NueMD EHR is user-friendly and does not have a significant learning curve, which users like. After a brief but intense training, users may easily browse through different parts and swiftly execute commands. Furthermore, the system can perform many tasks at once, enabling people to save time by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Optimized Practice

Clinics, institutions, and other health care facilities may use NueMD EHR to safely and quickly communicate with their patients. The system includes a patient portal that allows healthcare professionals to quickly contact clients and notify them of their condition. In addition, doctors can share educational resources with their patients, such as illness information brochures, to provide them with more information.

Additionally, patients may use the site to plan or reschedule appointments with their providers. They can also receive reminders and updates about healthcare appointments. They may also access their personal data and keep check of their health by examining lab results, medications, and other information. A doctor’s office may become more productive and efficient by using this gateway.

Data Protection

The NueMD EHR is HIPAA-compliant. This indicates that the program meets a high-security level, allowing users to feel comfortable that the information they enter into the system is secure. In addition, the system offers secure transactions with debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal. This provides users with the assurance that all of their operations are conducted within a secure network.

Top NueMD EHR Features


The maintenance of patients’ charts is an essential component of any software used to operate a successful medical practice. NueMD has a chart management option that you may customize to your liking. A very user-friendly chart management function is essential for any healthcare practice. The NueMD program generates charts in an easy-to-understand and browse style. Furthermore, all client history, vitals, and other data are simply available on this chart, ensuring a positive NueMD user experience.

Client Portal

NueMD offers a client portal to assist you in taking care of yourself. Patients could use the client portal from any place to quickly log in and monitor their healthcare services. Clients could also use the site to book appointments, access lab results, and conduct a variety of other activities. In most cases, the patient portal eliminates the need for you to perform these little, repetitive tasks on your own. The feature also connects your clients more deeply in your practice, which is beneficial because it improves patient participation naturally. During the NueMD demo, you may also travel around the portal’s many features.

Lab Integration

The integration of NueMD EMR with laboratories is another important feature that NueMD evaluations laud. This technology allows you to collect lab results for your clients and get them immediately into your EMR, enabling you to examine them as soon as they become available. You may save time by using this tool instead of physically ordering lab tests. As a consequence, you’ll be able to save time while still giving excellent care to your patients. Furthermore, this feature is included into the program, assuring the security and secrecy of all client information.

NueMD EHR pricing

NueMD comes in three  different packages:

  • Practice Solution
  • Total Solution
  • Ultimate Solution

Each of which includes a personal transition consultant and onsite help options dependent on the number of users and service quality. However, for the most basic version, NueMD EHR pricing begin at $149 per month, per provider. Although the software does not offer a free trial, you can schedule a NueMD EHR demo to know more about the software!

Final Thoughts!

While we can’t say if NueMD EHR system is right for your medical business without knowing more about it, we can provide you some pointers to help you decide for yourself.

First and foremost, we highly advise you to schedule a NueMD demonstration. Apart from that, we recommend making a list of features you’d like to see in a healthcare EHR software and comparing it to the NueMD program’s functionality. Finally, we recommend reading NueMD reviews online to learn more about the programme from existing users. Overall, because this is such an important decision, you should take your time. We send you our warmest greetings.

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