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Nursing homes: cleaning and disinfection tips for the population at risk

The prevalence of chronic diseases is higher in seniors, so it is essential that nursing homes have cleaning protocols.

The prevalence of chronic diseases is higher in seniors, so it is essential that nursing homes have cleaning protocols.
These types of facilities have the reputation of providing dignified and pleasant treatment to residents and their families. Cleaning protocol in a geriatric residence is an indicator that is easily detectable with the naked eye. It is necessary for each home to develop one adapted to its conditions.

It is difficult to comply with the personal hygiene measures shown to prevent contagion. Especially for those who present decreased motor and sensory abilities, complemented sometimes by cognitive deterioration. Older adults are much more vulnerable to accidents because of falls while traveling. When disinfecting a residence, be aware and aware of toxic products that can be confused with drinks or medications.

The deterioration of the immune system, together with its particular health problems, requires continuous disinfection and disinfection in nursing homes. Not only from spaces and surfaces, but also from the air ‌in closed environments, to avoid cross-contamination. This can aggravate the health of many of the residents by infections caused by airborne viruses.

The cleaning protocol of a residence differs from that used in other places since there are unusual elements such as beds with anti-fall restraint rails, cranes to lift paralyzed residents, anti-decubitus mattresses, wheelchairs, walkers and seats for showers.

What elements are necessary for disinfection in nursing homes?

It is necessary for the staff to have all the disinfection elements in a nursing home when starting cleaning; some of them are:

  • Buckets with a double bucket, eachone containing disinfecting products and the other with water for rinsing.
  • Mops, scourers and sponges are essential to carry out each disinfection in residences, along with gloves.
  • Vacuum machines to remove dust from upholstery and fabrics.
  • Garbage bags, to replace waste containers and bins.
  • Bacteriostatic are equipment installed in toilets that maintain cleanliness and disinfection with each flush.
  • Ozone generating equipment removes harmful particles suspended in air and increases oxygen levels in enclosed spaces.
  • Soap dispensers, to eliminate the resident flora of the hands with disinfection.

Cleaning protocol in nursing homes

When cleaning nursing homes, it is necessary to do it properly. It is essential to develop a cleaning protocol in residences, coinciding with the changes of cold and warm seasons . The personnel who carry out cleaning and disinfection in rooms and bathrooms must know the tasks, products, and schedules.

The courses should also include information on the types of people who live in these facilities.

The cleaning of the toilets must be carried out inside and out by a skilled professional cleaners , not forgetting the drains or safety slots.

As well as cleaning the tiles in the bathrooms, it is necessary to empty hygienic containers. The disinfection elements used must be exclusive for this task. It is as well.   Bacteriostatic toilets disperse bactericidal dose of fluid each time they are used. This ensures that the toilet is correctly disinfected whenever it is used.  

Weekly, a thorough cleaning

Floor cleaning should always be done with a vacuum cleaner, or wet, using the double-bucket‌ and a mop, to prevent dust from rising again. Avoid dry cleaning methods that raise dust, such as dusters and brooms.
Weekly, a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, dining room, lounges and gym must be carried out, including walls, ceilings and other facilities.

Every day you have to carry out a total cleaning of the rooms, ventilating for about ten minutes.

Bedsheets should be replaced every three days, unless there is an urgent need for immediate replacement. 
Don’t shake them or throw them on the ground. We should place them in the bag, in which we will transport them to the laundry room. If the bedding has urine or other liquids, avoid spilling it.

Proper handwashing with soap and water is also important, before and after being in contact with an older person. The wash should last 20 seconds and the soap should lather. Hands should be dried with disposable towels.  

Proper handwashing with soap and water is also important , before and after being in contact with an older person. The wash should last 20 seconds and the soap should lather. It is necessary to use disposable towels when drying your hands.

If what you are looking for is to hire a professional cleaning company to be in charge of cleaning and disinfecting the residence,, it is advisable to request a quote from at least three different companies. This way you can get an idea of ​​the prices in the area. What is essential is that they detail the service they offer, schedules, how many staff they have, the products and machinery they have.

Recommendations for an effective cleaning and disinfection program in residences

Some measures to consider in geriatric centers to complement the cleaning and disinfection of their spaces are:

  • Ventilation of all environments twice a day.
  • Install gel alcohol dispensers for residents.
  • Clean and disinfect the surfaces of rooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms and others, including walls up to 1.60 meters.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, bed rails, and nightstands more frequently.
  • Place informative posters, in visible places of the institution, about hand washing.
  • Prepare a record sheet for cleaning and disinfection of the residence.
  • Limit the use of common areas to reduce interaction between residents. The use of these spaces can be organized in shifts, with a deep cleaning of the contact surfaces at the end of each shift.

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