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Offshore Merchant Account: A complete Solution for eCommerce Business

Offshore Merchant Account

An offshore merchant account refers to a bank account, that is used by eCommerce businesses or online businesses. The procedure of getting this type of bank account is quite simple.

And it may be faster. Also simple if the merchant builds it with a bank. And the company already has an active corporate account.

You cannot ignore good banking practices for offshore businesses. Because our offshore company’s experts can ensure. So, the merchants can select suitable solutions.

Let us discuss the benefits of an offshore merchant account

Some main benefits of an offshore merchant account are given below.

  • Global payments. If you have an offshore merchant account. Online businesses can accept payments in many currencies. And from the main credit and debit cards. So that makes it easy. And to get a lot of clients from different countries.
  • Easy purchase. An offshore merchant account receives credit and debit payments. Because that allows faster purchases. And only with one click.
  • Recurring payments. The merchant account will allow you to receive recurring payments.
  • Hassle-free Application. You will find the application form very easily on the website. So it will save the time of finding the application form.
  • Wide range of banks. The choice for competent banks is endless. And not only the US banks. But also foreign banks from other countries. And those are mentioned on the world map.
  • Securely credit card processing. You will be allowed to accept payments safely.
  • Real-time Updates. Transactions made into the account are updated in real-time. And it suits your need fast. And also accurate details about your offshore merchant.
  • Reduced taxes. An offshore merchant account will reduce your tax responsibilities. Because it reduces the fees to a considerable limit.One of our agents has a specialization. And also in setting up the offshore bank account. So it will help you in answering any specific questions. And if you are going to open an offshore merchant account.

    How does a merchant account help for an offshore business?

    Merchants who are going to set up an offshore company. They will wish to be busy in a business. So that will attract clients around the globe. So by getting an offshore company. And the easy setup process. Moreover. They will choose to offer different services to clients worldwide.

    An offshore merchant account helps in direct selling businesses. And travel agencies, real estate companies, counseling services. Also insurance, or financial sector, etc.

    While opening an offshore merchant account. Tax compliance is necessary. And it depends on the country of account base.

    Why choose Amald?

    The need for an offshore merchant account is the most important. So the essential aspect for high-risk businesses that are operating worldwide. Because Amald is your trusted merchant account provider. And it provides integration. And customized offshore solutions for businesses.

    The importance of an offshore payment gateway has extended. And by the increment in online shopping. So the use of credit/debit cards for online payments. And if you have an eCommerce business. Then the offshore credit card merchant account. Because it helps your business to achieve success. So, you will get complete offshore payment processing solutions. And for those businesses that are high-risk businesses. It provides personalized offshore merchant accounts globally. So Amald is the one to trust.

    Offshore merchant accounts are the same as your traditional bank accounts. And with the only difference. That these accounts are with a bank in another country. Amald will provide you with everything. And that you will need to receive payments online. From your offshore payment gateway.

    We will provide you with easy integration. And also cutting-edge offshore payment gateway processing solutions. Along with the dedicated customer and technical support. Because we are the best offshore payment gateway, provider. And for high-risk online businesses and credit card processing.


    Amald delivers complete A to Z solutions to set up an offshore account. Along with a payment processing gateway for your online business. So that your business starts receiving online payments. And if you have any queries. Please contact us. Or drop us a mail. We will revert you.

    With processing caps and no hidden fees. Because we are one of the best merchant service providers.

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