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Since the digital revolution took over, minors’ access to Age-Oriented (AO) platforms, products, and services has become easier. It is readily transforming the way customers shop, buy, and interact online. Similarly, placing an order or making e-payments is just some taps away. While one way these shifts are bringing convenience to customers, they are also increasing the chances of minors’ exposure to digital manipulations. 

Since easy access is not limited to adults, minors are also onboarding AO sites leading them to face manipulations. This is why digital industries need more than just age verification check-boxes and puzzles. The AI-powered solutions help them place authentic checks along with biometric-based recognition that also detects liveness. The blog covers industries leveraging age verification solutions.

Online Age Verification – First in Line for Age Appropriate Onboarding 

Fraudsters of today are using digital industries to exploit minors. They either attract them to some product or indulge them in inappropriate groupings. In the tech-driven era, easy access is available to every user which is why industries need to place efficient age checks. This way, they can ensure that they are onboarding age-appropriate customers. 

Upon their arrival on the site, the system asks customers to fill in their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which includes name, date of birth, and others. After this, the system asks them to upload supporting documents for cross-verification of the information. The AI-powered KYCC services also provide liveness detection that further validates the claim of customers. The next section provides details regarding the industries employing age verification solutions.  

Digital Gambling Industry 

Ever since gambling went online, it has become a prime attraction for every customer as it provides instant money-making. This is the main reason why the gambling industry is predicted to rise by $647.9 billion up till 2027. Adding to this growth are the efforts of a large number of minors who are performing e-betting on a regular basis. Here, under-aged players onboard platforms by using their elders’ information without their consent and dodging the age checks. 

As per various stats, e-gambling platforms such as poker, are facing a tremendous rise in the number of under-aged players. This requires the e-betting sites to employ robust age verification solutions that identify young players at the time of onboarding. If not done in time, this will lead to addiction to gambling among minors. The AI-driven age verification services provide efficient checks that identify minors in real and less time.

E-Commerce Sites

While the pandemic brought various shifts in every industry, it also affected e-commerce by rising its sales to unexpected levels. Among these, a big number of purchases were done by minors. They use their elders’ information and credit/debit card details to place online orders. As e-commerce sites use questions to get the age verified, minors easily sweep through the identification process.

Therefore, the e-commerce industry needs to incorporate effective age verification mechanisms that identify minors in time. Moreover, these solutions help them restrict minors’ access by detecting liveness, validating the payments, and sending confirmation to the registered numbers. 

E-Sports Platforms 

Needless to say, the dramatic growth of e-sports is not only because of age-appropriate players, they also involve a huge number of minors. After going digital, e-sports are bringing various opportunities for customers including playing with global users in real-time, online betting, and much more. 

However, in uplifting all this convenience, e-sports can not leave age verification behind. This is because minors are increasingly onboarding these platforms without having full knowledge of what they might face. The fraudsters then take advantage of the situation and manipulate them. This requires e-sports platforms to incorporate online age verification solutions that will identify young players at the time of registration. 

Alcohol and Tobacco Online Stores

Age verification solutions have their equal share in the alcohol and tobacco online stores as well. This is because these industries are tossing several new gadgets like vapes, pods, and e-cigarettes that become an attraction for minors. They register on tobacco selling platforms and place online orders by using their parents’ cards. However, in return, these can bring fatal consequences. As per regulatory bodies, the set age limit for the sale and purchase of tobacco is 18+. Hence, online tobacco stores need age verification online to ensure they are dealing with legal-aged customers.

Similarly, minors are also falling victim to a lifelong habit of drinking that can push them to lethal outcomes. Due to the easy availability of liquor, minors are close to building this habit. This requires the alcohol e-stores to put efficient age verification solutions in place. This will help them identify minors prior to completing the order.

It All Adds to

Considering the fast development of e-industries and online stores, easy access to AO sites is becoming commonplace. However, it exposes minors to fatal outcomes which require the online AO platforms to employ age verification solutions. This will help them master the growth while protecting minors from digital manipulations and ultimately staying compliant with the regulatory standards. 

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