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Options for expanding your home

Expanding your home has many positive consequences. In addition to the space it provides, the value of your home also increases. There are various options for expanding the house. Depending on what the purpose of the extension is, you can choose a suitable option. There may be a reason why you want the living room, but you may also want a conservatory so that you can enjoy the sun in the winter. You can get in touch with Best House Extension Builder in Leicester. In this article, we’ll discuss some options

Preparing the renovation

Before an extension can actually take place, you must inquire with the relevant municipality whether an extension is possible. Certainly when it comes to expanding the house at the front or side, you must be in possession of an environmental permit. This is because such an extension can affect the environment, something that is less applicable with an extension towards the backyard. You can submit the application to the municipality yourself, or you can place the responsibility on the contractor.

Extension living room

The most frequently performed renovation is expanding the living room towards the backyard. This could be related to, for example, a family expansion. But especially in this time when interest rates are low, it is an ideal time for such an investment. The material with which it is expanded is matched to the current material, making it look like a whole.

Porch extension

If you want to expand the house at the front, building a veranda is the ideal solution. For example, you may have the front garden on the south and you want to be able to sit in the sun in the summer. You can have a veranda made to measure so that it exactly meets your wishes. You can also opt for a covered porch. In the winter you can enjoy the sun without being bothered by the cold. It is also possible to completely cover the veranda and to place it directly at the house, making it a new space in the house.


If you want to expand a bedroom, a dormer window can offer a solution. Especially when there are sloping walls, a dormer window can give you back practical space. In addition, this way more sunlight enters the room, which makes the room look bigger. Placing a dormer window is a relatively simple procedure that takes relatively little time. Especially when a prefab dormer is used, the challenge mainly lies in the preparation of the relevant space.

Save on renovation

A renovation is a considerable financial expense, so it is worth looking at where you can save costs. After you have listed the most important requirements for the renovation, you can request a quote from several contractors to compare the costs. Do this with at least 3 contractors. If you are reasonably handy with odd jobs, you can also choose to have the house delivered as a shell. This means that the most important tasks are done, after which you can complete the renovation yourself by doing simpler small jobs, which can save you money.

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