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PGDM. Why The Best Option After The Graduation? PGDM college Indore.

  PGDM Course vs MBA

 PGDM. Why The Best Option After The Graduation?

After graduation students who want to make a career in the management field do PGDM courses (PGDM courses Indore). in graduation every student has only theoretical management knowledge.in the real field can not run with the theoretical knowledge. PGDM college Indore

In this paragraph, I am going to discus the why is the best for management. If you want to do your best in this field. you have to gain lots of knowledge not only theoretical but also practical in this case PGDM course is the best option for the student. because this PGDM course (postgraduate diploma in management) include the difficulty of several basic & advanced concept of management to make student well-informed with the know-how of the business and PGDM courses focus on the practical training to make a student understand how to apply concept they have learned & deal with real field business challenges in the PGDM courses providing all theoretical & practical knowledge of management.

In this course, students will learn some important skills needed to become an efficient businessman

PGDM Course vs MBA

PGDM course (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) and MBA (Masters of Business Administration) are both courses students study about management. This course almost has the same topics about management but the PGDM and MBA both have their advantages. This depends on the student which is most suitable for him .

The basic difference between the PGDM and MBA is the PGDM is a diploma course and the all course duration is two years and the MBA is a degree course the duration also two years. one of the most important advantages of PGDM is it is approved by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) which means PGDM course contains are always updated/ new that are more relevant to current industry needs.


The PGDM students are more likely to adjust to the industry and real-world work. The PGDM course offered by colleges that are not affiliated with recognized universities the IMI Indore management institute is one of the best institutes that provide PGDM courses Indore.

MBA approved by the UGC (University Grants Commission) it’s means that all the course syllabus are old or the contain are also old according to UGC.

PGDM offers a variety of opportunities to specialize in your favorite area. B. Project management, information technology, finance, marketing, human resource development, etc.

In the MBA they are provided with the specialized in courses like finance, marketing, and human recourses but the old syllabus. In short PGDM course is focused on career-oriented and the MBA is academic value.

Important Information About The PGDM Courses
Advantages of PGDM

the best advantage of PGDM is the industry-relevant courses it means in this course we study the current industry situation in the market. in this course, we study in a field of specialization that you like. Another advantage is now we have had a theoretical knowledge’s as well as practical experience of business in this course we are also learning the new skill practically. you can sharpen your skill one more advantage is in your specialization field you can broad scope to your knowledge’s. PGDM courses are less expensive than MBA

Job opportunity

After the complete the PGDM course there are lots of job opportunities for according to your specialization which you selected as an accounts specialization you can become a financial analyst, banker, insurance broker, financial advisor and many more. If your specialization is in management you can become a manager, management, consultant, social media manager, Etc. there is a lot of scope after the PGDM it depends on your specialization there some more options are entrepreneur, market research director, public relations specialist, human resource officer, officer manager, training and development officer, IT Business Analyst manager, logistics manager, operation team leader, operations manager, operations analyst etc.

what you study in PGDM

In this PGDM course, we study Production Management, Operations Management, Economics,  Social Sciences, Strategic Management, Research Methodology, Business Law and  Corporate Governance, all those topics are very important for running the business into the day world. there are a few more topics as like. International Business, Managerial Economics, Finance & Accounting, Business Ethics And Communication, Basics of Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Statistics and Quantitative Techniques, IT Skills Lab, Theory of Management, Management Information Systems. all this part of PGDM education .

skill you learn in PGDM

Tn this PGDM program, we can learn lots of skills like communication skills, planning skills, team management skills, organization skills, business anality, leadership skills and one of the most important is it all based on field experience many more. Communication skill is one of the most important skills that every student should have this skill for the business and  team management skill, the organization skill, leadership skill.

best institute for PGDM in Indore

2. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
3. Jaipuria Institute of Management
4. Renaissance University
5. KK Vigyan and Vyavsaik Adhyayan Mahavidyalaya
6. Prestige Institute of Management and Research
7. International School of Business Administration
8. Vikrant Institute of Business Management
9. Arihant Institute of Professional Studies
10. Indore International College



PGDM the Post Graduate Diploma in Management

The PGDM course is the best option for management students who want to make a career in the management field. In the PGDM course, the most important thing students must learn in this program is to study in updated courses and subjects.

PGDM course is career oriented and the MBA is an academic value. After PGDM students have many opportunities and opportunities. And they learn new skills like communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, marketing skills etc. All the skills are very used full in doing a business or a corporate world. PGDM course is less expensive than MBA.

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