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Pick the Best Plywood and Veneers Suited for Furniture

Best Plywood & Veneers Suited for Furniture

Have you shifted to a new flat and want the best interiors for your home? If you are starting from the basics, you need proper guidance when going for plywood for your interiors.

Choosing home decor can sometimes seem overwhelming with so many options available. In addition, with the rise in innovation in modular furnishings, there are various surface finishes available, making it more difficult to choose.

Plywood serves as the backbone of your furniture, which is made from timber cut down into pieces of wood sheets and attached using adhesive. It adds a touch of elegance to your interiors, making your home an abode of heaven to live in!

Are you looking for the best quality plywood for your furniture but confused about what to buy because of the many options available in the market?

Always go for branded plywood which comes with a warranty.

When it is about adding furnish to give your furniture a premium look, the Wood Veneer comes to uplift the look and aesthetics.

What Should You Choose – Plywood or Veneers?


If you are confused about what to choose, then it is pretty clear that both have their individual roles here, enhancing the beauty of your home decor.

Opt for the High-Quality Durable Graded Plywood:

Low-quality plywood may cost you less but will not last long, and high-quality plywood comes in different colours and designs, adding beauty to your interiors. The best quality plywood for furniture is worth buying as it will last for years.

Not only that, brands like Greenply also offer plywood of different grades with their unique abilities.

  • MR (Moisture Resistant) grade
  • BWP (Boiling Water Resistant) / Marine plywood
  • FR (Fire-retardant) grade.

MR (Moisture Resistant) Grade Plywood – MR-grade plywood will top the list as it works great in damp and humid conditions. Furniture made of MR-grade plywood will be safe from capturing moisture.

BWP (Boiling Water Proof) / Marine Plywood – The BWP plywood works best for the kitchen, as there is more water usage in the kitchen area. Green 710 plywood by Greenply makes the perfect balance of aesthetics and quality.

FR (Fire-Retardant) Plywood – The perfect grade by Greenply to save you from a fire accident. It also ensures less spreading of fire and emission of smoke. Green Platinum by Greenply also offers 2X fire retardant property along with 2X water resistance property. It is not ending here. You will also get a 2X money-back guarantee on this product.

Choose Zero Emission Plywood:

Greenply also offers E0 plywood. Zero emission plywood is good for your health because formaldehyde emission from other ordinary plywood may cause a respiratory issue.

Attention-Grabbing Wood Veneers from Greenply

The most popular finishes which have become popular over the years are wood veneers, naturally made from thin sheets of wood.

Time to Know – WHY

Aesthetics and Look – Made from exotic species, veneers offer a unique and exclusive appearance. Veneer interior design gives an aesthetic look to your furniture, having a glossy and matte finish. It can be applied to plywood, giving a classy look.

Maintenance- Proper care and timely polishing can make veneers last longer.

Durability- When we talk about longevity, you can maintain veneer wood furniture for up to 15 years. It retains moisture and can be long-lasting. Not only that but it can also be refurbished from any damage.

Make Your Interior Stand Out Using Greenply Veneer & Plywood

Make a statement with a range of exotic decorative veneers from Greenply. Being one of the best plywood manufacturers in India, Greenply not only offers quality veneers but also graded plywood.

Add a touch of luxury to your home decor with the range of Greenply exotic veneers. Wood Crests do fall under the exotic ones. Greenply has uplifted the standard of living with the right kind of interiorWelcome to the extraordinary glamour of your new interior.

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