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You get a weekend once a year and that is why it’s important to make it memorable like you are enjoying every day. There is only one place that is effective and gracious for your mind and leaves you with a craving for more. CHOPTA is like a hamlet of country and people prefer to spend their time here.

Furthermore, things which you will never forget are – water sports, trekking and hiking trip, camping in CHOPTA, majestic view of Himalayan ranges, and flowing divine rivers/waterfalls.  

Hilly areas are the only spot that could be the best traveling destination and this is the only place that could turn your dreams into reality. Especially the “mini SWITZERLAND of UTTARAKHAND”, this place has tears of joy and tons of scenic beauty which could leave you amazed.

From all over the world people come to this place for capturing the world’s remarkable moments which no one can find anywhere else. 

So if you are also planning to spend your holidays in this place then you could come any day of the year. 

HERE are some of the best places which brings heaven like presence to the mind 

There are following places which are still untouched by many visitors but they enclosed with the impeccable taste of beauty which is not possible enough to explain through words. Take a glimpse of each one with brief insight – 


This is the holy and divine temple of HEMKUND SAHIB and most of the visitors have faith in the temple and blessings. In this place, there is a hot water spring, and taking a bath in this water will help you to relieve your pain in the body. There is no other GURUDWARA you can find except this one in UTTARAKHAND. All around the temple, there is utmost serene, calmness, and openness so that you can glare at the beauty present in it. 


This is situated near BHIMTAL and if you are someone who likes to do boating with the melodious songs of birds then this place is a safe zone for you. Near the lake, most of the local cafes are also there where you can take a sip of tea/coffee, also there is a pond with lots of lotus flowers. All around this place there are picturesque moments and lush green forests and meadows of fragrant blossoms. 


If you are willing to spend your quality time in the eco-friendly camping in between the forest and elevated peaks of mountains. Then this is the perfect place for you where you can spend your quality time sightseeing, and playing indoor activities. Things which you should be aware of if you are coming to visit this place and that is – weather sometimes sucks and leave you with the utmost astonishment.

In every second it changes its mood so make sure you planned the thing as per the guide’s instruction. But this is the only place where you don’t need to do any hustle for the hotels or resorts and decorated with all facilities. Places which you can visit are – amber eco-parks and Dhara eco-parks, both the parks have picturesque moments to capture. 


Like the RANIKHET, this place has also impeccable beauty scenes and mind refreshing landscapes for the visitors. The whole region is surrounded by pine trees and if you don’t want to remember the city life and connect your soul with nature then this place is a perfect destination.

There is nothing to be worried about if you want to spend the whole night because camping is the best option here. Every place has spiritual vibes and here you could find the temple known as Syahi Devi which is years old. 


If you like to do fun with snow then this place is a perfect spot for you. This place is situated in the CHAKRATA and is perfect for those who are snow and nature lover.

You will get tons of picturesque moments to capture into your cameras including the sunrise from the mountains. From making a snowman to playing with the ice, you could enjoy it in every manner because of the utmost snowfall. 

Wrapping up 

There are lots of places which are not possible to visit because of the unpredictable journeys. All around the globe, you will find lots of places which have a great spark of beauty and it is not possible to visit all at once.

So if you are also planning to visit those places then it’s time to book hotels in CHOPTA near CHANDRASHILA and enjoy the luxurious pleasure. 

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