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Plot Your Dreams in Kanpur With Exclusive Plots at Emerald Gulistan

Plot for sale in Kanpur

Everyone’s dream is to buy a home today. This is a universal hope shared among every family worldwide. However, purchasing one is an important financial decision. You need to ensure that every detail fits your vision so that you can live life just the way you imagined it. For this simple reason, a plot for sale in Kanpur stands as the best choice for a modern family.

You’ll see that buying an apartment is not the same as purchasing a plot. Flats come with fixed layouts and floor plans while plots provide the freedom of customization. You can design and shape your home uniquely as per your preferences. While a property for sale in Jajmau comes with a variety of benefits, land actually appreciates better than apartments.

Similarly, buying a plot of land also allows one to follow construction in their own pace. Unlike a residential project in Kanpur, these dont have delays in possession. It can take months or even years in the case of an apartment. But choosing a plot ensures a faster completion as well as a faster transfer of ownership. And the best part? It signifies a life of pure independence.

4 Reasons to Choose Plots for Sale at Emerald Gulistan in Kanpur

Understanding exactly what families need, Ritu Housing’s property for sale in Jajmau has always stood apart from the rest. It is widely known across the city for it’s successful 20 years in the real estate sector. Through their innovative thinking, the group has reached new heights in terms of housing by bringing the best of international standards to Kanpur.

Choosing it’s plots for sale in Kanpur bring superb advantages with it.

Here’s all you need to know.

A life of security

Living in a safe, gated community is every family’s dream. Where children can play in peace. Where happiness carries on even after dark. With this property for sale in Jajmau, you are protected by 250+ installed CCTV cameras. You also have the company of 50+ trained guards within the premises. What better spot in Kanpur for your dream home?

A life of convenience 

Don’t we wish each day was a holiday? Well, choosing a plot here can make it a reality. Introducing the best of ways to unwind, this residential project in Kanpur makes daily life feel like an adventure. Here is a list of the amenities within it’s gates.

  • Skating ring
  • Kid’s play area
  • Tennis court
  • Landcaped parks
  • Badminton court
  • Basketball court, etc.

A life amidst nature

With a plot for sale in Kanpur here, nature becomes a neighbour. Live in the company of 1100+ trees inside a huge 90 acre natural paradise. You’ll find several landscaped areas and green belts around the complex. Adding a fresh breath of life into the mundane – step into the exceptional with Emerald Gulistan.

A well-connected life

For those who require stepping out, this property for sale in Jajamu will not disappoint. The nearest hospital lies just 2 kms away while Kanpur Airport is only 3 kms from home. Additionally, it is also easily accessible to NH-27 which is only 500m away. The nearest railway station is 7 kms away from these plots.

Keeping all these benefits in mind, Emerald Gulsitan is definitely the one!

Make your first home a personal masterpiece. Live your life exactly the way you imagined it with a plot of your own here in Jajmau. For most of us, we only buy a home once in our lives. So get it right the first time! Choosing Ritu Housing’s marvel in Kanpur and enjoy life with your family just how you pictured it.

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