Points to Consider Before Choosing a Restaurant Online During a Pandemic

Introduction: How Social Distancing has affected outings during pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected people not only in health-related ways, but also mentally. The rise of the word quarantine has changed our way of living. We never had to think twice before stepping out of our houses and maintaining a safe distance from people. In this era of uncertainty, boredom has overshadowed our lives because most of the time we need to stay home without meeting friends or relatives. Vehicles and transportation have been restricted to guarantee no travelling. 

Restaurants are the heart of communities. Everyone loves to eat and it is a kind of entertainment when done with friends or family. Be it having a small dinner or celebrating a special day, restaurants have always been our first choices. But the advent of corona has made it a dream for many to gather at a place and enjoy. Restaurants owners also faced a critical point of their business, the sales were going down and they barely met the expenses. Many owners had to give up on their idea of opening a restaurant. The pandemic presented unique challenges: regulating the number of people entering into a restaurant to supporting the customers 24/7. 

Shifting to the online mode

The online mode has reached its peak in all aspects during the pandemic. People found it safer to order food online than going out during times of uncertainties. Online deliveries are fast with a secured transaction, so many restaurants started switching to the online mode of delivery. Some also created their own sites to ensure safe bookings in case of emergencies. The booking procedure always needed time and communication, the online system made it faster. Customers found it convenient because one didn’t need to be tech savvy to use the sites, moreover the bookings or cancellations were speedy with automated notifications. 

How to choose a restaurant during pandemic?

Though it was always advised to stay home quarantined and order food online during the rise of Coronavirus, emergencies always took place. Also when the cases were going down, people gathered the courage to take out their families for a family dinner, obviously following the guidelines of wearing a mask and carrying sanitizers. Also, while making bookings during a pandemic, one needs to check out some important features of a restaurant to make sure he is not placing health at stake. Here are some tips to book a restaurant safely online during a pandemic:

  1. The restaurants should have an option for online payment: While paying, there is a risk of spreading the virus due to personal contact. So watch out for online payment options so that there is the minimum contact possible.
  2. Safety measures: The restaurant you are choosing should have a brief or outline of the safety measures they have taken to ensure there are no germs. For example, how many staff members are vaccinated should be brought up. Also, there should be clear descriptions of how they are regularly sanitizing the tables. The owners should update new implementations on their sites.
  3. Strict personal hygiene: Personal hygiene is important during these times because a clean body ensures a clean society. The restaurant should make sure that the customers are frequently washing their hands and wearing masks and gloves. 
  4. Regulating people count: The restaurants should regulate the number of people entering at one time. The sites should have remarks added on that because more the number of people they are allowing, the more will be the spread of covid. 


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