Popular 10 Javascript Frameworks to Choose in 2022

For those who don’t know, frameworks in Javascript are a collection of pre-built JavaScript codes that make developer’s life a bit easier. But choosing the correct framework for your projects is a twisted task. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep yourself updated with the all the javascript frameworks available for web development in current market.

Enjoy this list of 10 best javascript frameworks in demand for 2022 & develop a perfect architecture of your applications.

1. AngularJS

Angular javascript framework

Launched by Google in 2016, the Angular Javascript framework is one of the most used frameworks amongst the Java development companies. With faster page loads, powerful functionality, open-source license, and efficient working it is the best choice for any web development service provider.  

AngularJS also offers two-way data binding that allows the developer for real-time synchronization. Whereas the built-in dependency injection and TypeScript support make it much easier for developers to establish websites from scratch.

Some of the popular websites created with AngularJS are Freelancer, IBM, and PayPal.

2. React

React Javascript framework

React is a leading framework developed by Facebook. It has been considered as the best javascript framework for UI for a very long time. The introduction of functional, declarative, and component-based styles made makes it even more accessible & efficient for interface development. 

Along with that, This also ensures high-speed renders through the help of the virtual DOM feature. Though it is a complex framework for beginners to get used to, the wide community support provided by Facebook makes it a bit easy. Some high exemplar websites constructed through React are Airbnb, Dropbox, Asana, and BBC.

3. Node.js

If you have to choose the javascript framework for web development then NodeJS would be definitely on top.  It allows the javascript developers to use backend architecture on both the client and server sides.   

Since it possesses all the core features of Java such as threading, packing, forming loops, etc. It is easy for the developers using Node.js to extract asynchronous loading from its APIs providing faster responses in web applications. It also has the ability to proxy various types of servers for enhanced efficient testing.

4. Jest JS

Jest is a popular JavaScript framework for the backend that many reputed Javascript development services use for web application testing.

Under limited time it gained huge admiration from developers due to simple features and easy setups. It also supports visuals regression testing under minimal configuration support making it even more suitable for any high-end company with javascript development services.

5. Vue.js

VueJS arrived in 2016 & eventually became one of the top javascript frameworks for beginners to utilize in web applications. With its versatile front-end operations, it was also entitled as the progressive framework. The ability to facilitate the design of high-end single-page web applications through dual integration mode made it a phenomenal hit in Javascript development companies.   

It also allows constructing PWAs and SPAs quickly at an efficient rate. Since it has an easy-to-adopt framework, good documentation facility & simple command set it suits any web development process with incredible ease. Some of the popular websites built using Vue.js are Upwork, Adobe, and Grammarly. 

6. Svelte JS

SvelteJS is an open-source javascript framework that has been building web applications in a revolutionary setup. Developers can also develop boilerplate code in HTML, CSS, and JS. 

It is immensely used by those Javascript development companies who avoid the necessity of high browser processing like Vue.js or React. Some popular websites that use Svelte for their websites are The New York Times and Rakuten.

7. PreactJS

Once people claimed that Preact would replace React altogether. Due to its lightweight, swift, and high-performing JavaScript libraries, PreactJS has the potential to substitute React in some ways. 

Whereas the community support infused with fast performance, and clean programming architecture ensures it is the best javascript framework in 2022. It might evolve further into a great highlight for hiring javascript developers in multinational IT development companies. 

8. BackboneJS

Backbone is a famed javascript framework for beginners. Those who wish to achieve advanced functionalities under lesser coding always opt for this framework for SPA development. It is super easy to use, learn, and understand. 

It offers an incredible structure with key-value binding. The extensive community support along with the server-side function’s API flow proves it is the best suit for javascript development services.

9. EmberJS

Highly professional developers always prefer EmberJS for developing high-end and scalable enterprise applications. Similar to VueJS this popular javascript framework also utilizes the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture pattern. 

Though it is an old set up its documentation & support system are extremely robust. One of the well-known features of Ember.js is its, command-line interface tools. They turn it into a productivity powerhouse for any Javascript web development company

10. JQuery

JQuery has been a leading open-source JavaScript framework since 2006. Initially, it was aimed at simplifying the interaction with the DOM (Document Object Model). But it can’t compete with the modern web frameworks with advanced toolsets.

Still a large developer community with easy DOM tree navigation. It is a suitable deal for Javascript developers who wish to work with simple, consistent & larger applications for a period of time.

Hope you find the aforementioned list useful & precise for choosing the right javascript framework for your projects. Tag along to find more insights related to web development & Javascript developmental processes. Share & comment if you find this blog helpful for your developer buddies!

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