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Private desert safari Dubai: Everything you need to know

If you want to make your desert safari tour more memorable with your family, then the private desert safari is the best option for you. We all know that the desert safari Dubai is the city’s main attraction. But the main thing is that the private desert safari comes with too many facilities and provides you the opportunity to make the trip more memorable.

Desert Safari:

You will find too many tour companies who offer various private desert safari like the morning, evening, and overnight desert safari. We recommend selecting the safari according to your time, budget, and needs. Other than this, you also have the opportunity to customize the tour by choosing the menu or even the vehicle. So, in this article, you will know about the private desert safari Dubai.

Sunrise desert safari Dubai:

First, the tour operator will pick you up from your hotel, and after this, you can perform the dune bashing activity with SUV. After the dune bashing activity, you will arrive at the sunrise view location. The next thing you can do is go for the camel ride to explore the desert. After the ride, you will go to the camp for a delicious breakfast.

After making breakfast, you will perform the different activities. The sandboarding, quad bike, and buggy ride. The best part of the sunrise desert safari Dubai is that you can also perform the campsite activities like henna painting and shisha smoking. However, the morning desert safari is for four hours. 

Private morning desert safari:

When you arrive in the Arabian desert, you will experience flora and fauna of the Arabian desert. However, the private morning desert starts with the dune bashing activity. In this activity, you will get a ride of an SUV, and it will go up and down through dunes. After the dune bashing activity, you will enjoy breakfast.

After this, it’s time to explore the desert with the help of a camel ride. However, the other optional activities in the morning desert safari are quad biking and sandboarding. You can also enjoy the campsite activities like shisha smoking and henna painting in this safari. The time for the morning desert safari is five to six hours. It is the same as the sunrise desert safari, but in this, you don’t have the opportunity to view the sunrise.

Evening or overnight desert safari:

If we talk about the thrilling and campsite activities of the evening and overnight desert safari, then all these are the same as morning safari. However, in the morning safari, you will enjoy breakfast, but in the evening safari, you will enjoy dinner. Other than this, the evening desert safari will allow you to experience live entertainment shows. The belly dance, Tanura dance, and the fire shows are included in the live entertainment.

If we talk about the overnight desert safari, you will enjoy the campsite activities on this tour. The best thing about the overnight safari is that it allows you to spend the entire night in the Arabian desert under the clear sky.

Why private desert safari is present:

The main motive of the private desert safari is to offer you a safe and exclusive tour experience. The best part of the private safari is that the tour operators will care for the guest’s needs and choices. They try their best to make the tour most memorable. If you don’t want to experience the dune bashing activity, then the private safari provides you the opportunity to take a simple drive.

Remember that you will only find the seven people in the SUV in the private desert safari. Other than this, you can also select the Hummer instead of the Land Cruiser. In our opinion, a private desert safari to Dubai is best for you if you are planning with your family.

Inclusions and exclusions of the private desert safari:

If we talk about the inclusion and exclusion of the private Dubai Desert safari, then these are the same as the regular desert safari. The first thing is the pickup service is from your hotel or the selected. Remember that the airport is not included in the pick and drop service.

It would help provide complete information like your flight details, flight number, arrival time, etc. If you want the airport’s pickup service, you should inform the tour operators. Other than this, pregnant women are not allowed for the private desert safari.

If you book the desert safari tour at low rates, then remember that you have to pay extra for a private safari. The tourist agent needs to register the service acceptance before the cancellation deadline. If the agent doesn’t do this, tour operators have the right to book another tourist. Always remember to bring the best camera to capture the fantastic views.

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