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PVC is one of the finest FRP alternatives available in the market

Author Bio – Jessie Andrews was looking for FRP alternatives and found PVC ideal. The FRP wallboarddelaminates and peels off. That’s why she choose Duramax PVC Panels. The high-end PVC wall panels customized and dispatched at Jessie’s business were affordable at factory costs. The vinyl panels made her happy and extremely satisfied with the product. Get a free sample today.

The FRP wallboard has plenty of drawbacks that have made businesses look for a proper replacement. The drywall is not a durable choice for wet commercial applications. Only PVC panels are ideal FRP alternatives in the market. The PVC panels are tough, water resistant, durable, mold-free, and a better choice than the outdated Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP). Although FRP and PVC have a lot of similarities, some glaring disparities set them apart from one another. Here are a few reasons why PVC is the ideal FRP replacement to cover walls and ceilings of wet commercial applications.

100% waterproof and recyclable wall panels 

The FRP wallboard is not 100% water resistant. As a structural base, the OSB backers attached to the FRP panels attract moisture. The dampness of the FRP panels leads to mold growth and bacterial infestation. The damaged FRP panels require repairing and repainting to ensure the material’s longevity. However, once damaged, the FRP panels need to get replaced entirely as they are not recyclable.

On the other hand, the PVC wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are waterproof, durable, and impact resistant. The PVC panels have an anti-mold coated surface and do not mold, rot or attract moisture. The vinyl panels have no backers, and the non-porous crevices-free surface is ideal for wet high-traffic commercial applications. The PVC panels last 45 to 50 years post installation and are 7x times recyclable. Replace the thin FRP panels with ½-inch PVC wall panels to ensure longevity and greater resilience.

PVC panels are lightweight and easier to install 

PVC panels are one of the ideal FRP alternatives as they are easier to install and more affordable in general. Initially, the FRP panels might seem affordable, but the heavy-duty installation is double the material cost. The FRP panels need wooden backers, rivets, and adhesives for the installation. In addition, the FRP panels need at least 2 skilled laborers for the setup. Purchasing additional materials and hiring skilled laborers to increase the FRP installation expenses. Rather consider installing PVC panels to save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor expenses. The PVC panels arrive in DIY kits and require no skilled laborer or additional resources for the installation. Hire one contractor to install the PVC panels in just 7 hours. The PVC panels have hidden fasteners and studs that ensure a seamless and durable fit. Once installed, the vinyl panels serve for a lifetime to keep mold and dampness at bay.

PVC panels are a one-time investment, unlike FRP 

The PVC panels from Duramax have a limited lifetime warranty and come with a $25,000 money-back guarantee. If you find the Duramax wall panels peeling off, molding, rotting, or delaminating, then the experts will get the material replaced immediately and cover labor costs up to $25,000. The Duramax PVC wall material is 4x times better than FRP and lasts for 100 years with minimal upkeep.

Final words

Get the high-quality Duramax wall panels within 2 weeks at factory rates. Request a quote now. Avail of the free sample. Book a consultation today.


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