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PVC panels are ideal for hospital wall dividers and protective coverings 

Hospitals are high-traffic areas where hygiene and cleanliness need appropriate attention. After the pandemic, keeping the place clean has become even more important. With patients walking in throughout the day, the need for a washable hospital wall divider is of paramount importance. The hospital FRP panels might look like a cheap solution, but FRP gets expensive as various issues crop up in the long run. The hospital area has high foot traffic with many types of equipment that need to be well-protected. Low-quality wall panels that would chip or peel off can damage the equipment and also ruin the aesthetic appeal. Investing in PVC wall paneling is a good choice for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Here are some things you need to know about vinyl panels before investing.

Hygienic wall panels

The PVC panels made from virgin material are anti-bacterial and have a smooth surface, not allowing dirt, debris, or any filth to accumulate on the surface. The wall panels are anti-mold and antacid. The panels restrict mold and mildew growth and ensure sanitary conditions inside the commercial sector. The vinyl hospital wall divider is non-porous and doesn’t allow virus transmission or the spread of air-borne diseases. Moreover, the wall panels are extremely easy to maintain and don’t stain or fade. You can clean the chemical-resistant panels with a damp cloth and detergent. No professional upkeep or regular cleaning is necessary to maintain vinyl panels.

Certified and quality-tested

Vinyl panels are FDA-compliant and adhere to the regulatory standards of CFIA and ASTM. The wall panels are certified and quality-checked before dispatching to the customers. High-end vinyl panels are non-toxic, safe, and viable to protect walls and ceilings.

Waterproof and highly durable

The hospital wall panels made from virgin vinyl are water-resistant and highly durable. The panels have 45-year longevity and can withstand high blows, abuses, and impacts. The wall panels have ½ inch thick structure that makes them exceptionally strong. The PVC panels made with internal webbed truss core design offer extraordinary strength and resilience. The wall panels support attic insulation loads and are resistant to water vapor. Vinyl panels have no backers and do not need drywall for installation, making them more resistant to moisture. The plastic wall panels have Class A fire resistance and can withstand the flames for an hour.

Better than traditional FRP

Hospital FRP panels serve well, but you might have to spend money on repairing and heavy-duty maintenance in the long run. Instead, choose a more durable option and invest in PVC wallboard. FRP panels are cheap at first, but the installation is costly and messy. Maintaining the FRP wall panels is also an expensive affair. On the contrary, PVC wall panels are very easy to maintain and require minimal investment in installation and upkeep. The vinyl panels arrive in DIY kits and take 7 hours to get installed without the help of external labor. With vinyl panels, you invest 50% less on labor and 40% less on the material cost compared to FRP.

Wrapping up

Get the vinyl panels from Duramax at factory-direct prices. The wallboard gets shipped within 2 weeks after placing your orders. Request a quote now.


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