QR Code Payments Explained: Will 2022 Be The Year of QR?

It happens within seconds, which means you can pay through your phone on the spot. 

Many events in recent times urged people to move towards online payments. These are the best options for contactless, seamless, and secure payment, which reduce the chances of personal attack. Stats show that people are widely paying with QR codes, and the percentage is increasing rapidly. The prime reason behind opting for the scan to pay options is ‘hygiene’. People have become more concerned about keeping infections at bay, and that’s why they avoid personal contact. While cash and cards can pose the threat of spread, you curb the possibility when you pay through a QR code. 

Other than this, payment through QR codes also offers many perks. You can get cashback and discounts, which further reduce the cost of a product. Moreover, there are various loyalty programs through which you can keep adding points for each payment you make and enjoy the amount later. Multiple reasons indicate that people would prefer to pay with a QR code in the coming year. Let us understand the QR code payments well and how it is here to stay for 2022.

What are QR code payments?

It is an alternative to the electronic fund transfer, in which a person scans the QR code to make the transaction. Then, the money gets deducted from your wallet or the account associated with it. You only need a smartphone with an uninterrupted internet connection, and fund transfer will become easy, contactless, and safe. 

Will 2022 be the year of QR payment?

2021 has been the year of QR payment for a lot of reasons. As many people opted for it back then, there are chances that this number will keep increasing. Let us discuss a few reasons in detail. 

  • Easier method

You do not need any expertise to start paying through a QR code. It is easy to learn. Moreover, the apps you choose make it more convenient by providing a self-explanatory user interface. Anyone with a smartphone can make payment with a QR code without any help from the outside. 

  • Protects against infections

It is one of those payment methods which do not involve direct contact. There is no exchange of cash, no card swipes, or anything that brings you in direct contact with outside elements or other people. Hence, it keeps you safe against viruses and infection spread. From deadly viruses like Covid to minor communicable bacterial spread, you stay safe against everything. 

  • Reliable and speedy

These payments are quick; you can do it on the spot, and the money transfer happens within seconds. Moreover, it is also a reliable source as you get the proof of each payment. Most market vendors, stores, and businesses allow paying through a QR code, making it a popular option. The best part? Neither the vendor nor the customer has to worry about the change. 


  • Safer option

Keeping cash can invite troubles. There are chances of theft or losing the money accidentally. Moreover, cards can also become an issue in case you lose them. There will be a tiring process of blocking it and applying for the new card, which may take days. No such thing happens in scan to pay. Use your smartphone, make the easiest payment gateway, and there is nothing you need to worry about. 

  • Additional perks

You can pay with a QR code to get additional benefits. The apps people use for these payments offer discounts and offers to their users. For example, you can expect to get a cashback or a loyalty point for each transaction you make using the QR code. It is a perk that no one would want to miss.

Countless other reasons support that QR payments are here to stay for years. If you haven’t already started using this payment mode, you are surely missing out on a lot. There are many platforms giving QR options to make the payment. Choose the best UPI app for cashback offers which is a safe environment to make payments and has offers for the users to provide them with a fair deal. Be wise in choosing which app to pay through to keep your money and digital information safe. Use scan to pay to make convenient payments. 

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