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Reasons to install PVC garage wall panels rather than moldy FRP

Author Bio – James Andrews was looking for a waterproof garage wall panel when he came across Duramax. He ordered high-quality garage wall panels and was impressed with the high-grade PVC material used to manufacture the wall materials. James ordered custom-made wall panels for his commercial garage and highly recommended Duramax products for their impeccable quality and durability.

The car wash garages smell bad because of mold infestation and excessive dampness. Installing the FRP panels helps little but causes more damage. In addition, the FRP panels are not 100% water resistant and can start molding, rotting, and peeling. Rather than spending a fortune installing FRP and maintaining the wall material, consider replacing them with PVC garage wall panels. The high-grade PVC waterproof garage wall panel will arrive in 2 weeks at factory costs. The PVC panels are ideal for car wash garages in more ways than one and offer better water resistivity than FRP. Here are the striking differences between FRP and PVC, which makes vinyl the better wall panel.

Low upkeep makes PVC the better choice 

The PVC garage wall panels have a smooth surface and do not allow dirt or debris to settle on them. The filth materials usually glide down the vinyl panels without staining or fading them. The PVC panels don’t require regular care or professional intensive cleaning. Occasionally cleaning the PVC panels with a damp mop is essential for retaining their longevity and cleanliness. The white and bright PVC panels illuminate dimly-lit garages with their light-reflective qualities and don’t require heavy-duty cleaning or maintenance. The vinyl panels do not require repainting or polishing to retain their shine and luster.

On the other hand, the rough surface of FRP panels stains, fade and gets discolored. As a result, the FRP panels get yellowish and require professional cleanups to maintain aesthetic appeal and ensure general cleanliness. Why spend money on repairing, repainting, and maintaining FRP panels, when vinyl is a more sustainable choice? In addition, the PVC wall material 4x times last longer than FRP with minimal maintenance.

High water resistivity gives PVC the extra edge 

The waterproof garage wall panel made from 100% virgin vinyl is resistant to moisture. The vinyl panels, with their non-porous exterior surface, shed off excess moisture. The vinyl wallboard has no crevices to trap moisture, and thereby the panels are 100% waterproof. In addition, the vinyl material has no backer board, which makes moisture absorption impossible by the plastic wall materials. On the other hand, FRP wall panels are not 100% impervious to moisture. The OSB backers of FRP wall panels attract moisture and cause the wall material to mold, rot, rust and get severely damaged. If you are looking for a waterproof, impact-resistant, and strong ½ inch PVC panel board for the car wash garage, install Duramax PVC Panels.

Easy, quick, and affordable PVC installation is a USP

Get the PVC panel installed in less than 7 hours by one person. The PVC panel installation is affordable, fast, and easy. The 4’x8’ PVC panel board hardly costs $83.58, and the installation charges are only $5. It’s because the PVC panel installation doesn’t require any additional materials. You only have to pay for the installation labor charges, which shouldn’t cross $5 as it’s a DIY easy-peasy job.

On the other hand, FRP material costs $70, but the installation will require more than double the material costs. By choosing PVC panels over FRP, you save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor expenses during the installation. Nevertheless, the FRP panels require 2 days for the complete installation, which proves that the setup is laborious, expensive, and time-consuming.

Invest wisely and choose PVC panels over FRP. Get the mold-free and antibacterial PVC wall materials shipped within 2 weeks. Request a quote now. Call us at 323-991-7507 for a free consultation.


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