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Right Foods to Fight Cancer

Right Foods to Fight Cancer. Eat the right selection of foods and you will be healthier. Improve your immune system and fight cancer by including the following natural products in your menu:

1. Sterols

Drop by the nearest farmer’s market and buy a few pounds of fresh cucumbers. When making salads, do not peel the vegetables’ skin off. The greatest amount of sterols can be found in the skin of cucumbers. Sterols reduce cholesterol. Whenever you decrease the fat percentage, the lower your cholesterol is. It is reported that obesity and cholesterol increase the risk of developing cancer.

2. Carotene

Recently, scientists have developed a special interest in carotene. They have already revealed a number of unusual properties of this element. The greatest part of research is carried out by the National Cancer Institute. What we know for sure is that people whose menus have plenty of carotenes seldom suffer from cancer.

3. Protease Inhibitors

You may have never heard this term before, but now you should also remember it and pay attention to its importance. So, This element can be found in soybean. Then Eat this natural product to prevent colon cancer. Other types of cancer that protease inhibitors can fight are liver cancer, mouth cancer, and lung cancer. So, Your normal and healthy cells will not convert to malignant cells since soybeans contain compounds that block the action of the enzymes called trypsin and chymotrypsin. Protease inhibitors are known for their suppressive effect and can inhibit oncogene processes.

4. Polyacetylene

Parsley is one of the sources of polyacetylene. So, This is what can ruin benzopyrene – a potent carcinogen. Also, it blocks the action of prostaglandins.

5. Isoflavones

There is hardly any other area of cancer prevention that would be as exciting as this one. Legumes are rich in isoflavones. They block estrogen receptors. Legumes contain compounds that prohibit the cell from its usual cellular function without estrogen.

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6. Terpenes

So, Eat citrus fruits on a regular basis. Lemons, oranges, grapefruit and tangerines contain terpenes. We have always known that vitamin C frights viruses. It decreases cholesterol levels and lowers arterial plaque. Citrus fruits should be eaten to prevent cancer. To stay healthy, one needs to break down carcinogens. And terpenes do this by increasing enzymes.

7. Indoles

The cabbage family can also offer plenty of solutions to your health issues. So, One of the reasons you need this vegetable group is because they contain indoles – the element that prevents breast cancer by inactivating estrogen.

8. Quinones

There is a chemical element that can inhibit carcinogens. You can find this component in rosemary. Scientists have proved that quinones also inactivate co-carcinogens that cause cancer.

9. Lignans

Fatty fish, walnuts and flaxseed are delicious. But this is not the only reason for you to enjoy these foods. All of the mentioned contain lignans. You need a good source of omega-3 fatty acids to stop the production of hormones known as prostaglandins that modulate cell metabolism.

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