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Ryzen Threadripper | The 3000 series

AMD Ryzen Threadripper – dominant and uncontested CPUs with more data pathways than ever before.

By BlueWater Tech

What are Ryzen Threadrippers?

Threadrippers are AMD’s line of CPUs. They are enabled with a higher number of cores and threads than the normal mainstream efficient CPUs. Threadrippers are designed as workhorse processors. They can take on high workloads. They use multiple highways and branching pathways to achieve simultaneous functional loads. Threadrippers can handle the toughest of jobs with a lot of detail that needs to be addressed simultaneously.

Threadrippers are best suited for high calibre, tough jobs like 3D rendering, Computer-aided design (CAD) in different fields, detailed engineering, content creation, and more.

More threads to handle more simultaneous jobs

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper has introduced a whole new level of multi-core and multi-threaded performance, upending the calculations of rival processors. The fresh Threadrippers are based out of the Castle Peak architecture design which accords across-the-stack capability, rather than resorting to relative segmentation in terms of specs and features.

Threadrippers, obviously, come with much higher core and thread counts. This simply means that their capability to handle many more multiple tasks with greater efficiency is higher than any other processors preceding them. Professionals and the creative community of users will find the abundant cores and threads extremely helpful in countering intense and varied workloads.

Third Gen Threadrippers – the Ryzen 3000s

High-end performers that creators and professionals cannot ignore

These Zen 2 based Threadrippers are among the more affordable ones with multi-thread ability. The progressive shift to a fresh 7nm Zen 2 architecture provides a significant boost to both, multi-threaded as well as single-threaded performance across the 3000s-board. The Ryzen 3000s are generation below the great performing Ryzen 5000s. The Ryzen 3000s threadrippers are excellent for gaming, creativity as well as work. They are favourably competitive and offer fantastic value with an impressive, unmatched price-to-performance ratio.

The class dominant nature of these top-end HEDT performers makes two particular Threadrippers compelling options for intense professionals. These are,

The Ryzen Threadripper – 3960X

Launched in 2019, the Ryzen 3600X refined the performance benchmarks of high-end desktops with it’s exceptional parameters at a fantastic price.

The specs that underpin the capability of the Ryzen – 3960X are,

  • The Ryzen 3960X Threadripper is based on the Zen 2 architecture.
  • The ripper comes with a powerful ensemble of 24 cores and 48 threads.
  • It runs at a base frequency of 3.8 GHz and maxes out at 4.5 GHz to deliver quick processing in different core engagement scenarios.
  • Total cache adds up to a whopping 140 MB enabling swift frequently accessed data transfer.
  • It runs on 88 PCLe 4.0 lanes affording high efficiency and full access to peripherals.
  • The Ryzen 3960X supports four channels of DDR4 3200 memory.
  • It has a TDP of 280 W needing a good quality aftermarket liquid cooler.
  • It employs the same memory controllers like the 3000 series chips so overclocking is uncomplicated.

The 3995WX Threadripper Pro enjoys an apex position in the high core-thread perspective. It comes with a massive ensemble of 64 cores and 128 threads.

Positioned for a highly intensive and demanding class of users such as data scientists, detailed engineering, high-end professional design, and content studios, the 3995WX Pro comes with an unrestrained core and thread count that provides a ripping performance, outclassing it’s rival’s best.

Here are the specs and features that have shaken up the rankings chart,

And, the Threadripper Pro

  • The 3995WX Pro Threadripper comes with an explosive bunch of 64 cores and 128 threads.
  • It runs at a base frequency of 2.7 GHz and maxes out at 4.2 GHz to deliver quick processing in different core engagement scenarios.
  • It is built on the Zen 2 architectural and design platform.
  • It’s L3 cache is a massive 256 MB that facilitates speedy frequently accessed data transfer.
  • It runs on 128 PCLe 4.0 lanes, a significant jump from the earlier iterations, affording high efficiency and full access to peripherals.
  • The 3995WX Pro Threadripper supports maximum memory up to an astonishing 2TB as compared to it’s nearest rival chip which offers a maximum of 1TB of memory.
  • It comes fully validated for ECC memory.
  • The 3995WX Threadripper is supported by AMD’s Memory Guard memory encryption.
  • It has a TDP of 280 W needing a good quality aftermarket liquid cooler.
  • It requires a WRX80 motherboard to unlock this blazing Threadripper.

High value and excellent performance

Unlike it’s rival, AMD does not resort to fractionalization that renders the top-line CPUs elitist. Rather, it’s features are spread across the board, making CPUs feature-rich across price lines. Ryzen Threadrippers, too, are borne out of the same AMD principle and offer multi-core, multi-thread functionality CPU options across the ranks. Needless to say, the Threadrippers offer a compelling price-to-performance ratio.

For the most part, AMD Ryzen Threadrippers along with the others from the Ryzen 5000 family, outperform rival options in almost every metric worth considering.

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