Secrets of MP Birla Cement as the Best Brand in India

Cement is the foundation of your home. Choosing the best cement is essential for building your home. A home is not only building blocks of bricks. It is a living space made from love and affection, which must have strength and sustainability. A safe place for your loved ones is what you are building. So, don’t compromise on the quality of your cement. Therefore, select from the best cement suppliers in India.

Which is the best cement brand in India?


MP Birla Cement is the name that comes to mind when talking about the best cement brand in India. The vision of MP Birla is to be admired for its cultural ethics and performance. The mission is to be the best-in-class player in every sector they operate.

Types of cement you can choose from –

The popular types of cement offered by MP Birla are:

  • MP Birla Cement Chetak
  • MP Birla Cement PSC
  • MP Birla Cement Samrat

The premium cement offered by MP Birla are: 

  • MP Birla Cement Samrat Advanced
  • MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus
  • MP Birla Cement Unique
  • MP Birla Cement Ultimate
  • MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra
  • MP Birla Cement Rakshak

Why choose the best cement from a reputed company?

Reputation –

MP Birla cement has established integrity and professionalism. It has created its value in the market. The types of cement offered by MP Birla are top-rated by their lovable customers. It is known as the best cement supplier in India.

Award owners – 

It has gathered many awards from India and across the world. Hence, the titles received from all over make MP Birla the best cement manufacturer in India.

Awards & Recognition for Mineral Conservation 2016-17
British Safety Award
Integrated Management System Certification
Greentech Gold Award
ISO 1800: 2007 Certification
DCW is 5-S Certified
IMS Certifications (ISO:1400: 2015 , ISO:9001: 2015 & BS OHSAS 18000:2008)

International Safety Award 2016

Faster Setting – 

The cement gives you a faster setting in comparison to other cement brands. It saves your time and effort.

Great Packaging – 

The cement has good packaging that helps prevent moisture from coming in contact with it. Great packaging helps the cement from being undamaged. It is important because other ordinary cement may get damaged due to environmental conditions. Moreover, it may also get damaged during the delivery of the product. Thus, increasing the storage life of the cement.

Bonding strength –

It has great bonding strength. Because of the unique chemical composition and fine particles, it sets faster than other ordinary cement. Build a home that ensures strength and sustainability.

Anti-Rust – 

The elements of the cement prevent the steel bars from getting rusted

Lesser Cracks – 

The cement gets less cracked due to low heat of hydration. No patches and peels result in a smoother finish. 

Excellent finish –

Leak-proof concrete with a smooth finish is to be sure because of the cohesive mix. A home made from MP Birla cement gives an excellent finish to the walls.

Pollution resistant – 

The cement prevents the leaching of lime compounds and the production of deposits on concrete surfaces.

Algae resistant –

It consists of a lower level of alkali content, thus avoiding an alkali-aggregate reaction. To the point, ensuring higher durability.

On-site technical services – 

On-site services are provided to the customers by a small group of civil engineers. This is why helping the customers in building their dream home.

MP Birla is a cement manufacturer in India building the home of dreams for many be-loved customers. Their cement is a favorable choice for engineers and architects. To know about them and their different types of products, visit the website of MP Birla.

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