Shared Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting – Which suits You?

When creating an all-important business website, most entrepreneurs opt for the shared hosting option because of its affordable and easy entry.

However, many are now considering switching to a reseller account, wondering what benefits to expect and how it differs from traditional shared web hosting.

We understand how confusing the hosting world can be sometimes, so we decided to put together a comprehensive description of the differences between shared and Reseller hosting to help you select the best choice for your business.

What is Reseller Hosting?

In general, Reseller hosting allow you to manage multiple websites at the same time. You rent server space from a major hosting platform and then have the option to resell that space to other clients when you host.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most popular method used by small and medium-sized businesses to host websites.

Here your website is hosted on a shared server with many other companies and the hosting provider allocates resources to each website as required. They are designed for one owner using one cPanel account with just one username and login.

Shared Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting

At first glance, the two hosting methods seem to have several similarities. For example, both end up using a shared server room shared by multiple clients, but some key differences between the two can make all the difference when it arises to the success of your business.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

  • Great Value – Today there are so many hosting providers to choose from that anyone looking to start a business can build and launch a website for just a few dollars a month. By sharing server space with other business owners and entrepreneurs, you all benefit from cost savings
  • Easy to handle – your hosting provider will provide you with all the technical support as well as instructions on setting up and managing the server. You only have to worry about improving the style of your website
  • Impressive customization tools – Many platforms today offer intuitive website creation tools and a wide variety of add-ons. They are easy to understand for beginners and allow you to build some pretty good websites. Just choose your template, adjust a few settings and you can have a website that works for hours
  • Compatible with Content Management Systems – Most of the shared options work seamlessly with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

Disadvantages of shared hosting

  • Security issues – While hacks are rare on major hosting platforms, maintaining a shared server solution carries a greater security risk.
  • Fewer Customer Support Options – As the cheapest plan offered by most platforms, you will often find that support channels are often more limited. You may find that you don’t have access to a call or chat support.
  • Limited Modification Tools – You usually have a pretty strict selection of apps to install on the server. This reduces the kind of advanced modification options that many web developers are looking for.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

  • An additional source of income – Most common reasons people choose the Reseller option.
    You get complete branding control over all the services you sell. Your customers won’t know you’re selling locally from another supplier.
  • Extended Feature Set – You’ll usually find more features in a reseller hosting plan than you’d find with a simply shared hosting option.

Disadvantages of hosting for Resellers

  • Depend on your web host – If your host has server issues it will have a negative impact on your clients. Choosing the exact platform can brand or break your business
  • This can get expensive – resale costs can add up quickly, and we’re not just talking about server space costs.

Shared hosting is best for?

The simple answer is for everyone! Almost all users can benefit from hosting their website on a common platform. However, it is very useful for bloggers, specialty sellers, hobbyists, beginners, and small businesses.

Freelancers often take the shared hosting route, become more experienced, and then evolve as their business grows.

Why Reseller Hosting is Best?

Resale especially for those who want to start their own web hosting business.

It usually attracts those who have at least a little knowledge of the industry or people who work in the digital space and want to add a revenue stream to an existing business.

In addition to hosting, you may want to offer services such as web development, branding, design, or social media management.

Barriers to entry are low enough, that even those with no experience in this type of market can dip their toes. We strongly encourage you to do your research beforehand as there are many concepts to learn.

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