Should You Consider Custom Printed Shipping Boxes for Your Subscription Business?

Do you wish to get branded custom printed shipping boxes with mesmerizing colors and appealing textures? The good news is that these are now easy to create and customize.

How many times have you indulged in repeat purchases owing to the appearance of the packaging boxes? Impressive boxes always make it to the customers’ wish lists and your brand can become a favorite with these convenient steps.

Creating the most unique subscription boxes

If you are just starting out in this industry, you need a robust brand awareness tool in the form of customized subscription boxes to breakthrough.

Even though several creative boxes at the marketplace may seem intimidating, your branded packaging can too seem distinct once you learn about the process in detail.

Here we have simplified the steps that you can follow to make sure that your boxes appear unique and memorable.

#1: Check availability of desired stock paper

A lot of times, sellers have to wait longer or delay shipments as they don’t get the subscription boxes on time. Before you pick the materials for creating your packaging, ensure that these are available all year round and at short notice.

Corrugated and cardboard can be your best options. The paper is made from recycled boxes and can be ordered without delays and hassles. A good way is to get in touch with professional printing houses online. This saves you the trouble of physically visiting box designers and allows you to design the boxes from the comfort of your office space.

#2: Focus on box efficiency

Subscription products can include heavy magazines or fragile glass bottles. The weight is a deciding factor when you craft the packaging. The materials must be utilized in the appropriate densities to support the products. Heavy items need thicker corrugated walls and better box shapes. Sensitive medicines may require extra laminations and so on.

Damaged deliveries to customers are bound to deter the brand’s repute. Forming durable boxes is the most crucial factor to generate brand differentiation, even more than innovative designs.

Start by creating boxes that fit perfectly with your subscription items. The dimensions can be customized into offbeat shapes. This way, customers would instantly recognize your packaging and be excited to receive it.

#3: Get creative

The more slick and modern your boxes look, the more your brand can experience customer retention. Of late, you must have seen innovative box cuts and layers that add to the buyers’ shopping experience.

Why do you think this trend is becoming important? Social media outlets have given an extra promotional platform to sellers. This way they can reach out to more customers without adding to the total marketing costs. Positive reviews earn the brand undeterrable customer loyalty and turn the one-time viewers into regular customers too.

Start off by adding custom trays, handles, locks, ribbons, colors, and printing effects to your boxes. Designing layers for box opening is also a modern way to impress customers. Signature colors help to greatly spread brand recognition. Tiffany’s has been doing so for decades with its turquoise blue boxes. Moreover, placing symmetric lines and premium textures is also a good way to reflect the current customers’ preferences.

Whatever you wish to add to your custom printed shipping boxes can be executed conveniently through professional box-making techniques.

custom printed shipping boxes

#4: Include printing effects

Did you know that in a recent survey about 65% of customers said that they are likely to pay more for gift-like packaging?

Not only this but 2 in 4 customers are also likely to repeat orders when they get customized shipping boxes. All these facts point to the significance of putting extra effort into making the boxes look regal and exclusive.

Pick printing features that go with your brand image including the company logo and name. Branding is vital for generating brand awareness. You can choose distinct color combos and graphics to extend the branding vibes onto the boxes. Your customers must be able to recall your brand image as soon as they see the subscription boxes.

Embossing, die-cutting, window cutouts, and foil stamping are among a plethora of printing effects available. Additionally, you can pick metallic and premium inks for better results.

#5: Ensure sustainability

However, you wish to design or create the boxes, make sure that they are sustainable. Environment conservation is of utmost importance today. Surveys reveal that majority of customers are even willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging.

Starting from the box materials to depicting favorable brand values on the subscription boxes, everything about the boxes must reflect a responsible business attitude. You can use creative box printing for furthering strong brand vibes.

For example, certain brands state how the customers can recycle and reuse the boxes. Labels and stickers asserting that the brand believes in social and environmental causes also help to instill customers’ trust in the brand. Using customized box sizes is a good way to convey a minimal wastage policy to customers and convince them of the brand values.

#6: Consider how much you can afford

Launching a new brand, product and service is a daunting task. However, new and small brands cannot practically afford to go overbroad with their annual budgets. The best part about getting custom subscription boxes is that businesses can use them for brand promotions too. All the branding done on the boxes act as a moving billboard without the hefty costs involved.

Be careful to reflect your brand story on the packaging boxes. This way, you won’t have to spend on hiring extra marketing platforms and excessively spend on digital ads. Altering the box dimensions saves on material costs too and effectively protects the products. This results in lowered customer complaints and refunds.

Custom options let your brand decide the box stock paper, size, and printing effects that align with your financial assets. So, make a sound decision.


You don’t have to worry anymore about creating the best-fit custom printed shipping boxes. The simple steps stated above make it easy to craft an individualistic subscription packaging appeal.


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