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Simple Pooja Mandir Room Designs For Indian Homes


When you want a pooja room that is simple, all you need is some inspiration. Here are some ideas for your living room. First, make a corner of your living room into a temple. You can build an ornate wooden trough and hang a deity or shrine on it. You can also add focus lights or hanging bells. These items will give your room a sense of spirituality and will attract compliments.

Another option is to build a wooden mandir.

This decor complements most interior finishes, but you need to take care not to ruin it by overcrowding it. It’s a great idea to make a single room into a worship area if space is an issue. If you have a smaller home, you can choose a single room, and then add a framed idol or deity, and a Diya. Be sure not to overcrowd your worship space, though. Many Indian homes place the Mandir on a single wall, so you won’t need a whole wall dedicated to it.

Decorative screens and backlit panels can also help create an inviting space.

Whether you use them as partitions or a backdrop, tracries can add a dramatic effect to any room. Traces can also be customized with images and motifs to evoke a spiritual atmosphere. You can use functional cutting techniques, such as CNC and laser, to create your own motifs and patterns. Once you have your mandir up and running, you’ll need to add ambient lighting to highlight focal points and keep them comfortable.

You can also install niches in the walls, which can give your pooja room a traditional charm. If you have a small space, wall-mounted mandirs can save floor space, so you can have a puja room in a corner. You can also install a door to the pooja room if you wish. A wooden door is elegant but can also be useful for keeping your pooja items.

In addition to a beautiful pooja room, consider adding a wooden door or a carved wood idol. The wooden doors can be painted with a color or a design that is related to your Hindu beliefs. You can even use a custom-made mandir to create an Indian home with a modern look. This is a traditional Indian home, and is a great addition to any house.

A wooden door is another great way to add a personal touch to your pooja room.

Wooden doors with intricate patterns are traditional, while plywood is a more contemporary option. A glass door is a great way to add a contemporary touch. You can use a white marble structure for the doors, and you can paint the outside of the room in a color that is complementary to your decor.

If you want to build a pooja room for your home, you can choose any section of your home for a mandir. You can also add a wooden door with intricate features. You can also choose a glass door for your mandir if you’re not religious, but you need to keep in mind that it’s important for the entire house to feel sacred and blessed. The door will also help you get in the right mood for prayer.

Using colored candles is an excellent way to set the mood for puja.

It is important to choose a light colour that compliments the mandir’s decor. For example, white and yellow are traditionally considered auspicious colours, and can be used to illuminate the space. Creating an atmosphere of serenity is important in a puja room. It’s essential to have an attractive mandir, and the lights inside should be well-lit.


You can also create a pooja mandir in the dining room. You can use wooden beams to divide the two rooms. This will give your mandir an aura of tranquility and peace. Your pooja room should also have appropriate lighting. You can put up a candle and use the candle to pray. If you don’t have a lamp, you can use candles instead. Then place it in the corner of the dining room.

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