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Simple Ways to Honour Our Dearly Departed Loved Ones

One of the greatest challenges for the bereaved is to have the strength and capacity to bear the honour of the death of a loved one and on so many occasions such an emotional burden. It is being easily brushed off as something. This will fade on its own or as something that the person will grow out of.

But sadly, such perception is wrong, very wrong that any unresolved issue for the bereaved could actually cause a bigger psychological problem that might avalanche out of control, problems such as depression and anxiety.

So how can we bear such an emotional burden, one key factor that psychologists suggest is honouring the death of a loved one and by doing so you actually help yourself carry the burden of their death and make it easier to bear.

Keep a Tradition

You can actually make a new tradition in honour of their death. Many families remember the things that their dearly departed wanted to do such as go on fishing, hiking, or simply drinking beer in the afternoon and they make these into a tradition that everyone in the family partakes.

In such a way their memories will be surely kept with each member and their legacy will be passed on solely because of that tradition. It doesn’t have to be a grand festive occasion; it just has to be special.

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Make the Wake Special

The family can actually honour the death of a family member by making the death special. On this occasion, funeral directors will be hired, and every detail of the wake that the dearly departed likes or are fond of is added to the wake.

There are special things like, playing their favourite movie during the wake or playing their favourite Spotify playlist. These simple things make the funeral a little bit closer to the departed thus it makes the wake special, some even have detailed instructions on how their wake should be handled.

Write a Poem or a Song

If you are leaning on the artistic side, you can actually make a poem for the departed. Putting feelings into words, especially in the dark days of the funeral is no easy feat, but in a sense. It actually creates an outlet for the bereaved to pour out their feelings. It plays as a sort of catharsis for the people at the funeral.

In such a way that the feelings which they could not express or show can then be expressed through the song or through the poem dedicated to the departed. Many famous poets actually made some poems for their special someone when they died and these poems are actually immortalized due to the depth of the emotions behind the poem. One notable poet would be Rudyard Kipling in his piece “If” which was dedicated to his late son,

One important factor that plays a major factor in all of these. This is to keep in remembrance that day of their deaths. The practices of honouring them will not fade away into simply just an event but rather will be kept in memory as a day to honour and remember a special someone.

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