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Simplify Your Cross Country Move With These Great Tips

Long-distance moves seem like a huge hassle, but going that far does not have to be cumbersome. Nevertheless, many transient couples struggle when it is time to pack up. Scrambling at the last minute is a good way to be stressed, yet it sounds like that is what many do. Here are some tips to help you be organized while translocating across the country.

Write Down Detailed Plans as Early as Possible

So, you have been told your move must happen within a few weeks, even if you were not planning to do it before now. Planning becomes vital when given such an enormous task, so start doing it this second. Begin by writing down a moving-related to-do list, prioritizing articles as you go. Figure out which tasks are most important to accomplish, or look up a task list that has been made already.

Organize Transportation for Your Car

Simply flying to your new home would be way simpler than driving there along with your stuff. As a result, quickly book a flight, and coordinate auto transport with a reliable company. If done properly, your car should arrive around when you land and be waiting for you at the new place. The car’s journey should not take too long, but you must have coordinated it ahead of time.

Request Multiple Moving Estimates

Frequently, hurried folk overpays for movers and related services, such as boxes. It may be hard to avoid unless you have set aside time to research costs. Therefore, retrieve several estimates by asking more than one moving company for quotes. Requesting these quotes as soon as possible is a good idea, as making them takes time.

Update Important Legal Documents

Once your in-home estimate is in hand, your documents should be updated, like your license. Otherwise, your arrival will be bogged down by tons of burdensome chores, and nobody likes it. Before embarking, figure out what is needed, and focus on updating those objects.

Create a Written Inventory List

Similarly, jotting down your belongings’ locations can be helpful, especially upon arrival. Whether using an app or a notebook, written lists organize thoughts quite well. Once you have unpacked at the new place, losing precious belongings will not be a problem.

Label the Moving Boxes

Definitely, pack similar pieces in the same boxes, as it makes retrieving them easier in the end. For example, put everything kitchen-related in one box, and store clothing in another. Carefully wrap fragile stuff with bubble wrap, cushioning it against bumpy roads.

Stick to an Organized Timeline

Normally, it will be easiest to handle packing by following a well-defined timeline. A good rule of thumb would be to start packing four weeks before the move date, providing some wiggle room. First, put away items you do not often use, such as things packed away in the basement. Generally, this will include decorations, fine china, and paintings, if you own any.

Consolidate Your Belongings

Except in special cases, many items you own are used infrequently, so getting rid of them can be helpful. Unless these items are important on a daily basis, they are taking up space, time, and energy. Throwing away unnecessary items can ameliorate excessive packing tendencies, saving time. Consider donating anything you have not used in the last year, such as misfitting clothes.

Store Clothes on Hangars

Wardrobe boxes are ideal when packing away stacks of clothing and similar items. Instead of removing them from the hangar, stack them inside the boxes as is. Then, they can be unpacked without extra legwork, simplifying the move upon arriving.

Taped Boxes Hold Together Better

Many people have heard the old adage that interlocking box tops help hold them together. Nonetheless, these tips are outdated, and it is better if you tape boxes with parallel edges.

Exercise Caution When Packing Dishes

Do not toss out the old newspaper, paper plates, or packing wrap, and use them as packing material instead. Surrounding breakable items with softer materials like these can soften bumps and trips.


Moving across state lines is not a simple task, but it is one you can accomplish relatively fast. Remember to not procrastinate on your packing. As soon as you have a moving date start preparing start by packing up rooms or items that aren’t actively used. Then take it from there, one room at a time, and you will be done in no time. Follow these tips, start planning early, and it will be over soon.

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