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Six Reasons To Choose An Epoxy Floor Coating In Melbourne

For every residential and commercial area in Melbourne, it is a must to consider epoxy floor coating as an essential aspect of safety and productivity. The right flooring provides a durable foundation and needs only easy maintenance. Also, it can withstand every wear and tear of daily activities. 

Installing epoxy flooring is the best solution. This outstanding material gives many advantages, that’s why many people are abandoning old designs and switching to epoxy floor coating in Melbourne for their places. This floor is hard-wearing with great flexibility and can be applied over concrete slabs to give high performance and an appealing surface.  

Let’s learn in detail why you should choose epoxy flooring coating for your space. Keep reading the article to know further.

6 Top Reasons For Choosing Epoxy Floor Coating 

Excellent Endurance And Durability

The strength and durability of the epoxy floor make it an effective flooring option for your residential as well as commercial areas. Due to the high foot and heavy machine traffic and chemical spills, bare concrete is prone to extreme wear and tear. However, when you choose epoxy floor coating for your place, it promises no severe damages and accidents. 

Application of such coating assures a long-lasting material that will maintain its functionality for many years. In addition, it ensures protection from huge cracks and chips. Actually, the high strength power of the epoxy floor ranges from 3,000 pounds- 10,000 pounds per square inch. You do not have to worry about any spilling of liquids, dropping off things, or scratching the floor surface. 

Easy And Simple Maintenance

Garages are the areas where chemical spills and drop and fall incidents occur frequently. These spaces require a lot of cleaning to wash off the hard stains. Additionally, bare concrete floors produce dust particles that accumulate on the surface, creating a huge mess. However, everyone does not have enough time for regular harsh sweeping and mopping. 

By applying the epoxy floor coating, you can maintain the garage more easily. It will cover the bare concrete and prevent dust particles from gathering on a surface. This is a highly durable coating that resists the penetration of liquid and road salt into the flooring. Hence, making the maintenance simple and easy. 

If any spills occur on the epoxy floor surface, you can clean it using wet mops, brooms, or vacuum cleaners. pH-neutral cleaners and water are sufficient for removing dust and dirt. Never use acidic cleaning products as they can reduce the shine of the flooring. 

High Resistance

Industrial or commercial environments often undergo excessive machine or tool traffic, moisture, heat, and shocks. Bare concrete is unable to sustain such conditions. Here, the epoxy floor coating comes to the rescue. Its high resistant quality withstands the heavy weight of machines and automobiles without scratching.

Chemical Resistance: In garages, chemical spills and brake fluid or oil from the vehicles often accumulate on the floors. But do not need to worry, they can not affect the epoxies. The depth and density of the coating prevent the chemicals from seeping inside the concrete and causing wear and tear. 

Water Resistance: The water-resistant property of the epoxy flooring prevents the damages which could be due to spills or flooding. For installing them in your kitchen and laundry areas, you can add anti-slip aggregates to the mixture to provide a firm grip. If ever water collects on the surface, it won’t seep inside and you can easily remove it without worrying about slip accidents. 

Heat Resistance: Once the epoxy floor coating is properly dried, it can effectively resist some amount of heat. Typically, the heat limit of the high-quality epoxy flooring is more than 200 degrees F. For instance, phosphorus-containing epoxies can greatly withstand the heat more than the ones without. Heat-resistance property is superior for the garages storing vehicles and even kitchen floors. 

Shock Resistance: Epoxies are shock-resistant, which is proof of their toughness. Heavy items dropping on the floors or damage from a harsh car driving on the surface will not impact the effectiveness of the flooring. Such incidents can not cause scratches or leave any marks because of the thick epoxy floor coating covering the concrete. 

Customizable Aesthetics

Among the various aesthetically appealing flooring options, the effective epoxy flooring is the most suitable one for your home, offices, garages, etc. It transforms the dull concrete into something attractive and elegant. There are different amazing designs that you can customize effectively as per your preferences. 

In addition, you can even select the high gloss shine and different colors to get an impressive floor look. Being shiny in texture, the epoxy floor reflects a huge amount of light, thus, making the entire room bright. Consequently, there will be no need for extra lighting which can help save money.

Easy And Quick Installation

The installation process of epoxy floor coating is very easy and quick, which makes it the best flooring option for every area. Do consider hiring professionals, highly skilled in concrete grinding in Melbourne for the best results. With years of experience, experts know how to blend the epoxy mixture properly, and how well to apply the coatings over the entire surface. 

Usually, the curing time of the epoxy flooring is 3 to 4 days. As the application process is easy and simple, it saves your time as well as expenses. 

Safe Working Environment

The availability of the different color and design options means one can use them on certain sections of the place to create a designated area. For instance, the warehouses, where forklift paths, walkways, and loading inlets must be marked to assure the safe movement of heavy vehicles and workers.  

Besides this, the high resistance of epoxy floor coating to extreme shock, heat, and water also ensures the safety of the workers. Furthermore, the reflective surface of the flooring brightening the space improves the visibility, thus, assuring a safe working environment. 

Summing Up

Epoxy floor coating is a famous choice in Melbourne for many good reasons. It is cost-effective, durable, and versatile even in areas where there is heavy foot traffic and a lot of exposure to chemicals and moisture. With routine cleaning and maintenance, you can take advantage of the flooring for many more years. 

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