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Sky Blue Braces – What do they mean?

If you’ve ever been to the orthodontist, you might have noticed that one of the colors they’re using for braces these days is sky blue light blue braces. What does that mean? Why are braces colored at all? And how can you tell if someone has light blue braces or sky blue braces, or maybe even both? This article explains everything about color and color codes in braces, so keep reading!

The Science Behind Sky Blue Braces

Some people wonder what braces with a sky blue tint are meant to indicate. If you’re one of those people, here’s what you need to know: sky blue braces aren’t used for anything other than looks. In fact, there is no official medical terminology for sky blue braces—they don’t signify anything other than aesthetic improvement (in most cases). So if you see anyone with a pair of sky blue (or light blue) braces, assume that their orthodontist has chosen that color simply because it looks good with their treatment plan. Sky blue and light blue are popular choices for any dental treatment involving clear aligners or colored brackets and wires.

A Little History Behind Light & Sky Blue

15 & Pregnant, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are all popular shows that feature teen girls with navy blue braces. Each of these shows features a teen girl that is either pregnant or has recently given birth to a baby. While most people would not usually associate light blue braces with teenage pregnancy, it is actually very common for teens who have just had a baby to have their teeth straightened as soon as possible. Teens that become pregnant often put off getting braces until later in life because they believe it will be too expensive. It might seem silly for someone to straighten their teeth after just having a baby but studies show that there is actually quite an increase in dental health amongst those who have babies young.

Popular Teen Shows with Sky & Light Blue

Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Teen Wolf, One Tree Hill. It may seem innocent enough at first glance; after all, we see it on television quite often and rarely give it a second thought. However, you should be aware that certain colors are sometimes associated with certain gangs or various causes that affect teenagers. For example, if your teenager has sky blue braces he might belong to a gang (although for safety reasons we don’t recommend investigating too far into that claim).

Or maybe he’s been participating in rallies related to cancer awareness. Sky blue is also known as light blue and some believe that wearing light blue clothing is disrespectful to law enforcement officers. Sky & Light Blue: The Color Code – What Does It Mean? Sky & Light Blue: The Color Code – What Does It Mean? Sky & Light Blue: The Color Code – What Does It Mean? Sky & Light Blue: The Color Code – What Does It Mean? Sky & Light Blue: The Color Code – What Does It Mean? Sky & Light Blue: The Color Code – What Does It Mean?

In other words, it could be anything!

Did You Know…

A sky blue toothbrush is actually a light blue color. This means that when a dentist looks at your teeth. He or she will know immediately if you’ve been flossing regularly. And now you know that light blue braces are actually sky blue. And have nothing to do with space or stars. Whether you were considering getting sky blue braces or not, be sure to brush twice a day (and floss!). Also, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

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