Small Simple Business Ideas Of 2022

Small Business Ideas

Video Production Business

Another online business concept that can appeal to you is video, especially if you’re creative or have a background in digital creation. With the current emphasis on video on social media and other platforms, this is a trend you’ll want to take advantage of while you still can. As a video producer, you can interact with a range of clients in a variety of sectors to capture, edit, and deliver the right final result.

Although video production can be technical, it can also allow you to explore a distinct medium of storytelling while also allowing you to express your creativity. Furthermore, if you have no prior expertise with video, there are numerous tools to train you and guide you through the process.

So before you get started make sure to learn about different video editing softwares or you can start with simple online AI video maker in your initial days.

Freelance Writing Service

My grandmother, who was a schoolteacher, used to supplement her income by selling stories about old Cape Cod to regional and national publications. Today, online content marketing is a huge opportunity for freelance writers.

Companies of all sizes want to add articles to their websites and blog posts to attract visitors and customers. A company that sells office furniture, for example, might commission articles on the latest trends in office décor or how to choose the best seating for different office tasks.

While having expertise or familiarity with a particular industry is ideal. The majority of people who write content marketing for specific businesses do not. Instead, they rely on the client’s input and their own research.

Almost all businesses want their articles and blog posts to appear in relevant Google and other search engine searches. As a result, the more you know about search engine optimization (SEO), the more marketable you’ll be.

Create a professional-looking website with examples of your best work to market your services. You should ideally include testimonials from satisfied customers. It would also be beneficial to mention specific industries and company names for which you have written.

Food Truck/Food Cart

A food truck or food cart is a great low-cost and versatile restaurant alternative. You can start with very little money by purchasing or leasing a used truck or simply using a food cart. If one location does not work, you can simply move your truck to a different location. A restaurant, on the other hand, may have to wait until the end of its ten-year lease to relocate.

Should you begin with avant-garde cuisine or something more straightforward? Should you offer a limited menu or a comprehensive one? How should you price your products? Which location would be ideal? These are all important topics to think about as you examine your market, potential customers, and competitors. The next step is to create a business plan.

If your food truck will be in a highly competitive location with a variety of other food options nearby, I would suggest a more unique, specialised cuisine with a few standout items.

If, on the other hand, you’re the only food option for the same customers every day, I’d recommend a good mix of more basic items and a larger menu so that your repeat customers don’t have to eat the same thing every day.

Your startup costs should be in the $10,000 range if you start with a fairly basic, used truck. However, if you can lease or finance your truck, your costs may be lower.

Painting Business

My house painting business, which I named “College Painters,” was another business I started during my college summer vacation. It’s yet another excellent example of a simple-to-start business.

With no references and no claims to experience, I landed my first house painting job by underbidding established painting companies and sounding confident that I could do the job. Painting my model trains and a couple of rowboats was the closest I’d come.

House painting, it turned out, was actually quite simple. I discovered that careful preparation – specifically sanding down any old, loose paint – was the key to a good job.

I didn’t have any experience, and I didn’t have any money. I got the customer to advance me enough money for paint and supplies for my first painting job. I discovered some old ladders and transported them on the roof of my car.

My car, incidentally, was a total wreck after being hit by a Coca-Cola truck on one side. So when I went to see potential customers, I had to park the car to hide the damage.

Every painting job I did that summer paid off, but there were a couple of jobs where I wished I had bid a little higher.

I later discovered that on some jobs, I had bid less than half of the lowest competing bid and less than one fifth of the highest! So it was obvious to me that the larger painting companies were making a lot of money! And it became clear quickly that carefully bidding on jobs was an important part of running a successful business.

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