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If you’ve ever noticed a child’s focus as they try to fit a square block into a square hole or catch a ball in mid-air, you know that playtime is more than just fun and games. Toys Shop in Lahore are the instruments of the trade in this severe profession.

Toys Shop in Lahore have an age-appropriate look at how kids play and the toys that help them explore the world, build social and emotional skills, and stimulate a developing brain.

Babies and Their Play


In the first year of life, the focus of play is exploration. Babies use their five senses to discover the fascinating new world around them: Is a thing firm or soft to the touch? Is it sticky or rough? What happens if I drop it? Or should I put it in my mouth? The bulk of the time, play consists of “tasting” or mouthing an object and shaking, banging, or dropping it.

Play gets more coordinated and complicated as your infant develops new motor abilities. As an example:

  • Babies start reaching for and grasping items like rattles at four months old.
  • They can transfer that rattling between hands by 6 or 7 months.
  • Around nine months, a newly developed pincer grasp allows babies to pick up more minor things such as blocks and other tiny age-appropriate toys more easily.
  • During this time, play usually is alone, but by the end of the year, playing side by side with other babies and imitating activities is widespread.

For the time being, you are your baby’s favorite playmate. Have you ever tried to dance a puppet in front of your baby’s face only to have him grasp it and drag it toward his mouth? Or has he ever shouted with joy as you creep near him, declaring, “I’m going to get you!”

These interactions assist your infant in learning about language, social relationships, and cause-and-effect relationships. Babies are ready for the next stage of development when they comprehend how things in their surroundings relate to one another and how they taste, smell, feel, and sound.

Babies’ Smart Toys


Mobile for the nursery. Objects dancing above a baby’s head in a crib enhance eyesight and attention span development.

Mirror. Your infant will be delighted at first by the changing face and expressions reflected in the mirror. Your baby will eventually discover that the drooling, happy baby staring back is a reflection. Once this occurs, babies become aware of themselves, which leads to more self-discovery as they learn about body parts and their location.

Ring stacking This vintage toy has a cone that accommodates various sizes of colored rings. Babies first like holding and mouthing the rings. The following work on fine motor skills is by fitting the rings onto the cone. When you count the various rings as you stack them, toddlers learn about colors and numbers.

Push-and-pull toys As your child progresses from a couch surfer to a walker, these aid in balance and large-muscle development. The more babies push and pull, the more they exercise the muscles required to develop into runners and climbers. Later, when children are toddlers, they might utilize them to assist manage their developing speed.

Toddlers and Their Play


Toddlers are becoming aware of how objects work. They enjoy stacking blocks, talking on a toy phone, and drinking from a “big kid” cup. The concept of pretend play begins right now. At night, your child may tuck a baby doll into bed or make “choo choo” noises while pulling a toy train.

This establishes the framework for preschool play, as utilizing the oven timer in a pretend kitchen or ringing the bell in a pretend fire truck represents your child’s emerging understanding that everything has a purpose.

Your toddler will also begin to recognise colours and forms. Choose toys that are bright, colorful, and enjoyable for small hands to handle. Most toddlers can kick a ball, scribble with a crayon, and build buildings four or more blocks tall by the age of two. They can complete simple puzzles and ride a tricycle by the age of three.

Expect a lot of repetition, as this is how young children learn new abilities and gain control over their surroundings.

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