Some Interesting Facts About Peach Moonstone Gemstones

Moonstone is often known as the stone of divine feminity because it has the capability to affect and enhance feminine characteristics like fertility, balance, intuition, and softness. Moonstones are available in a wide range of colors like green, yellow, black, gray, peach, etc. Out of all colors of moonstones, Peach moonstone has the nickname dream stone because it illuminates dreams and visions of a person. The peach moonstone is popular for its capability to enhance the receptivity towards blessings and goodness. It also assists in sorting your emotions and helps to understand your emotions in a better way.

Fact sheet of Peach moonstone

Like other moonstones, the Peach moonstone is the birthstone of the month of June.

The hardness of Peach moonstone is 6.0 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

The specific gravity of peach moonstone is 2.61, and its refractive index is 1.518 to 1.526.

People have a belief that wearing a moonstone brings good fortune and feelings of love and affection to the wearer. So, it serves as the best gift to offer to your loved ones.

The Historical significance of peach moonstone

Peach moonstones along with the remaining colored moonstones had their roots in many cultures of the ancient world. Ancient people had a belief that moonstones have deeper connectivity to the moon and lunar cycles. Ancient Romans believed that these moonstones were formed by the solidification of rays of the moon.

Peach moonstone meaning

The name Peach moonstone itself gives the significance and uniqueness of the stone that it has strong connectivity to the moon and its phases. It helps you to maintain stable and healthy relationships with your family members. It assists in calming emotions and brings out the best in its wearer. Peach moonstone is famous by the name, the stone of intuition because it enhances the wearer’s insight and introspection.

Distinguishing features of Peach moonstone

If you are looking to purchase a Peach moonstone, then you have to make sure that you have minimum knowledge about the features of the peach moonstone. Here are some given below:

Peach moonstone, a semi-precious gemstone is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate that belongs to the mineral family named Feldspars. The color of Peach moonstone ranges from Brown to light pink or peach color.

The color differentiation is due to the higher contents of aluminum in its chemical structure. Peach moonstone shows a distinct feature called adularescence( An optical effect which means when the stone is turned in the light, the stone shows an impression of moonlight floating on water).

Clarity of Peach moonstone

Gemologists refer to Peach moonstone as semi-transparent to opaque crystal. You can see tiny cracks called inclusions in some peach moonstones. These inclusions are referred to as centipedes, as they resemble long thin creatures with many legs.  Upon treatment and polishing peach moonstone gives a smooth Opalescent luster.

Cut and shape of Peach moonstones

Carving raw gemstones enhances the beauty of the gemstone and reduces the inclusions. The  cabochon-cut is the best-suited cut as it improves the adularescence  phenomena and brilliance of the stone. Other cuts like square-cut and baguette-cut are also suited for peach moonstones like other moonstones. You can see  Peach moonstones  in a wide range of shapes. These stones are available in traditional shapes like oval, round, rectangle, and fancy shapes like pear, heart, trillion, kite, etc.

Places where peach moonstones are found

The finest variety of Peach Moonstone is found in Sri Lanka. Other places in which peach moonstones are found in plenty include Brazil, India, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Germany, Tanzania, and the United States.

Healing benefits of Peach moonstone

Like other moonstones, Peach moonstones have the same divine feminine energies that help to balance the mind and support your heart. Here is the list of some unique benefits of peach moonstones:

Peach moonstone- the best stress reliever

Are you struggling with problems in your daily life? Or are you either irritated or languishing with incessant fatigue? Are you looking out to get rid of this stress from your life? Here is the best solution for your stress-relieving. Keeping and meditating with peach moonstone relieves your stress and fatigue and helps you to calm your mind. It also soothes your brain and brings emotional balance. These moonstones balance anxiety, emotions, irritation, stress and help to maintain emotional balance and calming effect.

Enhances self-loving ability and brings out the best in you

Though Peach moonstones share the power to ease the negative emotions mainly depression along with other moonstones, peach moonstones have more capability to cleanse your depression and enhance self-loving capability and bring out the best in you. This unique power puts them at the forefront among the other moonstones.

Other benefits

People are using this stone for centuries to protect women and children.  People believed that the Peach moonstone has the power to enhance fertility, ease menstrual problems, to support women during pregnancy and childbirth.

The peach moonstone is popular as a Dream stone as it enhances your hope and encourages your aspiration and a flow in harmony along with your dreams. It helps the wearer to gain restful sleep and acts as an aid in lucid dreaming.

Know how to pick the real peach moonstone

Fraudsters are omnipresent in the world. The gemstone market is not an exception to that. While purchasing your peach moonstone you have to make sure that the peach moonstone you are going to buy is an authentic one. Here are some ways to spot the real one:

Be aware of Opalite

Opalite is a glass stone that resembles that of real peach moonstone. But there is a difference in the presence and absence of layers. Yes, for real one, you can see micro layered structures formed by orthoclase and albite minerals. Coming to the Opalite( fake), these micro layers are not present and opalites look homogenous.

By touching and holding

If you want to know whether the stone is original or not, here is a simple way to spot the real one. You must hold your stone for a few minutes, and concentrate on the sensation that your hand generates. Fake plastic peach moonstones are warm to the touch, and opalite stones are cold to the touch for a second. The original peach moonstone is cold to the touch and regains its coldness for minutes.

By performing laboratory tests

If you can afford the money, you can take peach moonstone to a nearby jeweler and request him to perform laboratory tests like specific gravity, hardness, etc.

How to clean and store

Peach moonstones can be cleaned with warm water having a mild detergent or soap. You can clean it gently with a brush or cotton cloth to remove the dirt. 

You must avoid exposing the peach moonstone to extreme heat and harsh chemicals. 

While not using, you must always wrap the stone in a soft cotton cloth, and care should be taken that it should keep away from diamonds and other hard materials to avoid scratches.


Are you trying to get out of the depths of depression and stressful life? Wearing and meditating with Peach moonstone will be a wonderful solution to your problem.

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