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SSL Connection Problem – this site can’t provide a secure connection android Error

this site can’t provide a secure connection android Error” is among the most frequently encountered problems in the world of surfing on an Android device or any other device. It doesn’t matter which device or Android version the SSL connection Problem errors are seen by all.

A ” your connection is not private” message or warning could make you want to smash your head against the wall. However, you don’t need to. We’ve developed easy ways to fix this SSL connection issue.

Before proceeding to the next step that follows, you need to be aware of the following points. In the first place, if a website does not have SSL certification, then it could be risky to visit it. This is due to the fact that SSL certifiable certificates safeguard against threats such as eavesdropping or changes to data by encrypting data and this site can’t provide a secure connection to android.

SSL certificates secure communication with your web browser as well as the server on a website. That’s why you should insist on using secure websites.

Here’s how you can fix the “Your Connection is Not Private” error

SSL connection Problem errors are not something that can be identified easily. Thankfully, there is no need to look into it as we are able to immediately move on to the treatment. We’ve listed seven medications with increasing intensities in the order listed.

If one of them doesn’t perform, try the next and then on. In either case, it will be possible to resolve your issue with the ” Your Connection is Not Private error.

Let’s get started.

1. Invalid Date & Time:

No one uses the wrong date or time on their internet-connected devices, smartphones, or tablets, right? However, it’s best to verify it at least once to ensure.

If, for some reason, you’re using the wrong date or date on the device, head to settings and turn on Automatic Date and Time.

Check If the Website is Working

Is your Android unable to establish a secure connection? Before you go to more complex solutions, make sure that this issue isn’t caused by a problem on your website. This can be verified by swiftly checking the site.

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Find out if the site you’re working on is not working or if you have other issues ( Couldn’t establish a secure connection ). Try trying to open the site using a different device, most likely using a smartphone. If there are no issues with the site it is possible to continue and test other options listed below.

Connect to a Different Network

There could be a problem with your Wi-Fi connection or the network of your service provider. This issue can be resolved by switching to a Wi-Fi network when you’re on your phone network, or switching on to the phone network when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the issue persists, check.

Pinpointing the Problem

Before you can begin to diagnose the cause of having an SSL issue on an Android device, the first thing to determine the cause. SSL connection issues don’t originate from something that’s incorrect on your part Sometimes the server you’re trying to connect to may be faulty as well.

To find out the culprit, try accessing different SSL-protected web pages (Google or Facebook are two popular instances) in your gadget. If the website is running without issues, it’s the website server you’re trying to access. There is no need to do anything with your device.

Fix SSL Connection Error on Android Phones

If, however, you are experiencing SSL connection Problem issues when browsing SSL secure websites using your Android devices, then follow these steps.

Clear Partition of cache

Android makes use of a set of temporary files known as a cache to load applications quickly. In certain situations, it is possible that this cache will become damaged, outdated, or even malfunction. To make sure there aren’t any issues with the system cache You can clean your cache’s partition. This will erase the existing system cache, forcing the device to create a fresh one. This is how you do it:

Shut off the off switch on your device.

Hold and press on the key to turn up the volume as well as the Bixby key after which hold and press the Power button.

If you see the green Android logo appears then remove the buttons (‘Installing the system update’ should be displayed for 30 to 60 seconds before displaying options for the Android options menu for system recovery).

Use the Volume Down key repeatedly to highlight the ‘wipe Cache Partition.

  • Press the Power button and select.
  • Use the Volume down button until the word “yes” appears and then press the power button.
  • Once the deletion of the cache is complete, “Reboot system now” is highlighted.
  • Press the Power button to power up the device.

Make sure you update your browser

The installation of app updates can help in resolving issues. In the case of your situation, we recommend you ensure that the browser you’re using is up-to-date. This will prevent problems from arising and could possibly be a solution to the bug currently in play also.

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