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Starting an On-Demand Service Business means you have to tap into various components like Market Research, making a Business Plan, and more. It can be tedious, especially when you’re looking for an Opportunity to Rule the entire World with your Business! Well, Good for you, that White-Labeling Firms offer Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully-Functional Apps like Gojek Indonesia. 


Licensed White-Labeling Firms already have a Base App ready that they have built over a course of many Years with a Dedicated team of Developers and Project Managers. The Firm will Rebrand its Base App with your Company’s Name & Logo. They will also change the Color-Theme of the App and Website to match with the Color of your Company’s Logo! 

They will completely Rebrand your App and Website and help you Go Live with your App within a record 7 Days!! 

An Entrepreneur cannot even think about Launching an App with 70+ On-Demand Services in such a Short Time! That too at an Affordable Price of a peanut-sized amount as compared to US$250,000 that one has to put in to Build the App from Scratch! 


To begin building the App, the Entrepreneur first needs to do the Market Research of their Niche! For Instance, if an Entrepreneur from Indonesia wants to Launch their own App, then they have to conduct deep Market Research about: 

  • Which On-Demand Services are most Preferred in the Cities you want to run your Business? 
  • How many Brick-and-Mortar Businesses in Indonesia are willing to offer their Services through an Online Platform? 

Hire a Professional Market Researcher to get better Data Insights about the Prospects of your Powerful Gojek like App

Once you get all the data about your Market, the next step is to Contact a Well-Established, Licensed, and Globally Reputed White-Labeling Firm!  

  1. Try out the Firm’s Demo Apps for Free! The Firm will let you take the Test Drive for as long as you want until you feel Completely Satisfied with the App and decide to finally Purchase It. 
  1. Once you decide to finally Purchase it, the next step is to discuss your App Requirements with the Project Manager. The Firm’s Project Manager will also ask questions related to your App’s Launch and Setup in One Single Document itself! This Document will contain questions like: 
  • Your Preferred Currency, Language, and Payment Gateway
  • Login Details of Play Store and your Server
  • Your Preferred Color-Theme
  • Your Company’s Logo
  • Splash Screen
  1. In this step, the App Development Team starts working on your App! However, before they begin their work, the Entrepreneur has to Purchase the Package either by paying the amount in One-Go or via Payment Milestones! If one choose to Pay via Payment Milestones, then here’s how it works: 

Milestone 1 

The Entrepreneur will make the first 50% of the Package Cost after which the Team will deliver 3 Android Apps, WebSite, and Admin Panel. And only after the App Owner checks the Demo Apps on the Firm’s Development Server and Approves it, the process moves ahead! 

Milestone 2 

Now, the Entrepreneur can pay the Remaining Amount from the Total Cost of the Package. After which, the Team will deliver 3 iOS Apps. It is only after the App Owner Approves the Demo Apps by checking them on the Firms’ Development Server, the Project Manager pushes the App to the Launch Process. 

  1. The Firm will Launch your App on Google Playstore, Apple App Store, and even on Huawei App Store, only if you want to. The Firm will help you in getting your Apps approved by the Play  Stores.
  1. Lastly, the Firm will zip and send the Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain at no extra cost with the Purchase of the Package! 

Isn’t it easy to build and launch your very own On-Demand Multi Services App? It is, but only when opted from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm! 


Do you want to become a Successful Entrepreneur? Have you always wished to Earn Easy and Quick Money?  Then Go Live with a Gojek Clone App in record 7 Business Days! 

Visit the Official Site of a White-Labeling Firm and get in touch with their Sales Representatives! 

Take action right now! 

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