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Strategies for bloggers to build instagram page

Instagram is one of the best places to engage and interact with your followers and build a community. It has become much more than just a photo-sharing app. People share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas over Instagram asking for likes and comments — especially bloggers!

Here are 10 amazing Instagram tips from NewsVarsity for bloggers:

Take advantage of hashtags! 

Hashtags can help you connect to new people as well as find similar users to follow based on the common interest you share among others who use that particular hashtag. There’s no real limit on how many hashtags you should include within your post; however it’s not advised to go overboard and put unnecessary hashtags because this may be considered spammy by other users.

2. Use the third-party app, Gramista to manage your hashtags! 

This is a great tool that allows bloggers and marketers to easily search for relevant hashtags under categories such as brands, locations, events, etc. It also gives you the option of muting specific hashtags from your posts if you want to hide them from other users.

3. Tag all your Instagram posts with your business name!

This lets people know who you are and helps build awareness about your brand or personal identity on Instagram! Tagging also shows up in the related section even if someone does not follow you which means it can lead to more followers! To tag another Instagram user within a post simply their handle @yournameusername in your message.

4. Comment on other users’ photos! 

This is a great way to start a conversation or simply show appreciation for their content. It’s also a good idea to keep track of who you interact with most on Instagram. To do this, I recommend downloading the app Iconosquare . This allows bloggers and marketers to learn more about their target audience as well as track interactions with users that may be important for future posts or collaboration opportunities!

5. Use the “Photos of You” feature wisely!

The “Photos of You” section displays all of your previously uploaded posts which shows up below your latest photo post. Keep in mind that if someone has tapped on the “Photos of You” section so many times, they’ll start seeing the top two most recent posts only. This is why it’s important to strategically upload photos that you want your audience to engage with or purchase products from your shop!

6. Follow other relevant accounts

 to increase exposure and gain exposure through their followers. By doing this, you’re increasing your chances of gaining more organic (meaning free) exposure by having these users follow back or commenting on your posts in general. If someone like this follows you it’s a great idea to strike up a conversation or re-share one of their older posts so they can get the exposure they deserve for being an early adopter of Instagram!

7. Remarket tailored content based on what has been performing well within your niche

This is a great way to engage and re-engage with users who haven’t been on Instagram in a while or may not be aware that your page is still active!

This can help you increase conversions and build up those followers even further!  Instagram also recently allowed for clickable links within Stories which lets marketers connect with their audience in more ways than one! Visit The Indian Jurist for further details.

9. Consider using another social media platform

such as Facebook and Twitter, and incentivizing users to follow you there by giving them exclusive content — this will give people more of a reason to start following you on all three platforms which means greater exposure for your blog!

10. Use geo-tagging when attending events or posting

 about brands within your niche to gain more exposure, like the example below! Geo-tagging can also be used for other reasons such as keeping track of where you’ve travelled to which is great for bloggers who are constantly on the move. This also helps your followers know that you’re not just sitting at home all day and they may even feel bad if they haven’t reached out in a while because they don’t think you’re active! To add location information to your post simply type “.” after typing your message and select through different types of locations until you find the best one for what you want.

These are only some strategies that people use on Instagram, but these users are extremely successful. You can achieve the same results if you use these tips and tricks to gain more exposure within your own niche!

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