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Study Destination For International Students – Monash University Australia

Monash University is a prestigious member of the excellent Group of Eight (Go8), which is a group of leading Australian universities recognized for their teaching and research excellence. Go8 universities are known to produce quality graduates who are in full-time employment within half a year of their graduation, with handsome starting salaries. Monash University is a modernized, worldwide, well-reputed, and research-intensive university, whose aim is to deliver high-quality education and research within and outside Australia. Monash University and its educational and research services have had a great impact on today’s global issues and challenges – be it related to climate change, geopolitical strategies, or public health.

World Ranking of Monash University

Monash University has achieved a very proud reputation in global teaching and research excellence being a young university with a 50-year history. Monash University is repeatedly ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world. It is given the #57 position in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, #58 in the QS World University Rankings 2022, #6 in the Times Higher Education Golden Age University Rankings 2020, #40 in the US News and World Report 2022, and #45 in the National Taiwan University Rankings 2021.

Monash University has over 150 actively working fields of global research, 10 schooling faculties. And more than 4700 Higher Degree Research students ready to bring forth practical solutions for the challenges of today. Monash University is divided into 10 faculties, which are further divided into separate major departments of teaching and research centers.

Faculties include:

  • Art Design & Architecture Faculty (MADA)
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Education Faculty
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Information Technology Faculty
  • Faculty of Law
  • Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty
  • Faculty of Science
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty

In addition to these aforementioned faculties and research centers at the Monash University. There are various other academic organizations that exist. For example, Monash College is an alternative way for students to enter Monash University. The college offers pathway courses for students to help them bridge their gap between secondary and post-secondary education – those students who wish to undertake studies at one of the Monash University campuses. The specialized undergraduate diplomas offered at the Monash College provide students a wonderful alternative entry point into over 60 Monash University bachelor degrees, taught in small-size classes and an environment tailored to their needs that is totally like that offered by Monash University. Monash University offers programs all over the world, and has colleges based in various popular study destinations for international students such as Australia, China, Malaysia, India, Italy, and South Africa.

Campuses of Monash University

Monash University constitutes a total of 8 campuses. The first and the largest one is the Clayton campus, which houses over 26,000 students. And 20-km south-east of Melbourne City. Next is the Peninsula campus, the third largest campus, located about 40km south of Melbourne, and home to 3500 students. The Parkville campus of Monash University has recently undergone an AUD 50 million renovation. The new campus facilities at the Parkville campus include world-class research laboratories and teaching spaces. Monash University’s Law Chambers are located within walking distance of the Magistrates and Supreme Courts. This campus is located in Melbourne city’s central business area.

Bottom Line

By choosing Monash University, one can be sure they’ve taken their first step towards a successful academic and professional career. A lot of factors about Monash University are compelling enough to make international students choose it as their study destination in Australia. Firstly, it is a top 100 university in the world, with great quality of teaching and state-of-the-art research facilities. Monash University has more courses, study routes, research opportunities. And international exchange schemes, to help students have a broader educational profile that will set them apart from their peers.

Monash University is home to students from over 170 different countries. Thus, students at Monash University Australia will truly benefit from the global academic environment offered at the university. However, the most special aspect of Monash University is their desire to make a difference in the world, to set a true example of research and education. So, students will always leave with great realization of individual purpose, a professional and globalized outlook. And the knowledge, aptitude, exposure, and confidence bring about a positive change to the world.

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