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Tajinder Singh Tiwana: The new president of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha in Mumbai (BJYM)

Humans are social animals, therefore living in big communities required people to take on different roles and achieve different tasks. People were naturally split into leaders and followers in order to give society structure and help it grow and flourish.

The leaders paved the way and directed the others as they proceeded from one frontier to the next,
while the followers accomplished the tasks allotted to them and contributed to the changes.

When people discuss leadership, they are primarily interested in learning how to be effective leaders at work.

However, leadership is not simply restricted to the work frontier, it extends to all of society.

In fact, leadership emerged as a societal phenomena far before it evolved into a professional one.

Many of the current leadership attributes that corporate and professional leaders aspire

to are based on previous generations’ social and political leaders.

To name a few, this new leader is a firm believer in humanity; he has devoted his life to the cause of serving others;

Tajinder Singh is someone who serves as an example of integrity and loyalty to the people he represents, both the general public and his political party.

Tajinder Singh Tiwana, who previously served asthe Mumbai General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, has been named President of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

His ‘Service to People First’ mindset has gained him

The position of President of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Mumbai (BJYM).

“It is an honour for me to be named President of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Mumbai (BJYM).
I commit to listen to the concerns of the people and to genuinely represent them,

to speak out and say what has to be spoken rather than what the audience wants to hear”, Tajinder Singh Tiwana BJP stated.

Tajinder Singh Tiwana possesses a rare blend of charisma and honesty. He can appraise a situation and make a choice based on what is best for the persons involved.

From a young age, he has worked tirelessly under the leadership of Members of Parliament (MPs)

and Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to resolve many BMC-related issues

and has been instrumental in developing programmes for Communal Harmony and National Integration, furthering the family’s legacy of serving humanity.

Both of his parents have served on the Malad Municipal Council,

and his mother has also chaired the P/North Municipal Office for two terms.

His upbringing has shaped him into a vibrant adolescent

who solves ward-related issues and walks shoulder to shoulder with his parents.

His belief in cultivating a multilingual and pan-cultural presence in an open environment

has helped him pull off the Malad Festival,

an initiative through which he has not only introduced a new vertex for people to enjoy and entertain themselves,

but also created an approachable art platform

where various multifaceted individuals can showcase their talent in front of the masses and gain the recognition they deserve.

After gaining a thorough understanding of the grave requirements of the people in his neighbourhood,

Tajinder Singh devotes his efforts to resolving the obstacles that make it impossible for individuals to earn a living.
He is noted for working tirelessly around the clock to improve their lives and well-being over time.

He has proven his mettle as a people’s person time and time again via his previous work,

devoting time and effort to bring communal harmony and national cohesion.

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